Apprentice. Mechanic for CFRP in Stade, Germany

I am a trainee here at Airbus Stade in my first teaching year. To me, the education is quite interesting and varied. Our schedule is very diverse, we have courses like assembly training for a few weeks, and then we work at the different manufacturing departments or have classes for about 4 weeks.

As a trainee, I have also lots of opportunities besides my daily training, e.g. mentoring the Girl's Day. In the courses themselves we can actively co-operate with our trainers and introduce our ideas. It's the first time to take responsibility for ourselves and projects, so I can strongly recommend this apprenticeship.

I would recommend Airbus to everyone, who is interested in technology and engineering. It offers you the right development potentialities, functionally and personally. Already as a trainee, you have various possibilities to broaden yourself, for example working for a few weeks in Spain. You can also start to study after your apprenticeship or improve yourself on the job, so all doors are open for you, while working at Airbus.