Apprentice. Logistic Central Function in Toulouse, France

I am currently studying at Toulouse Business School as an apprentice. Thus, I spend half of my time studying management and the other half as a project leader in Airbus' logistics. Last year, I had a great opportunity of starting an internship in Airbus procurement of avionics and customer services.

I am in charge of logistic projects in Logistic Central Function. Our mission in the service is to provide our internal customers, the Final Assembly Lines (A320, A330/A340/A350, A380) with concrete solutions to their logistical issues. Therefore, my daily missions are: flows analysis, business cases, Pareto analysis, building flowcharts to fully understand the logistic processes. I am very happy with this empowering mission and would love to continue this experience in this company for the year to come!

As many young boys in the world, I have always dreamed of being in constant contact with aircraft. I would recommend these boys to come and live their dream in Airbus. Even for people who are not passionate about aviation, this innovative company may be a fertile field for their talent and creativity.