Intern. IP / Subcontractor Management- A400M Industrial Partner in Bremen, Germany.

I started studying Aeronautical Engineering alongside working with Airbus in Hamburg (dual studies). After this, I widened my studies with the aim to obtain a degree in Business Administration and Engineering. I finished in 2010 and started working for Airbus in Bremen for A400M.

I currently work in the department IP / Subcontractor Management- A400M Industrial Partner in Bremen. My task is to support the team leader, and to update the different plans for the Industrial Partner in "Unified Planning". The aim is to receive consistent and synchronized plans over the different work packages and levels.

Aviation is a dynamic and fascinating industry with unforeseen challenges you have to adjust to appropriately. The diversity of the jobs at Airbus gives you the opportunity to work in different departments. This allows Airbus employees to expand their knowledge and experience in order to develop their career.