Intern. Specific Instrumentation Department in Toulouse, France

I am currently doing a Sandwich Year within Airbus. This is an internship during the second and third year of my studies in the ENSEEIHT Engineering School in Toulouse, where I'm following a Telecommunication, Network and Signal Processing course.

I am part of the Specific Instrumentation team which is specialized in specific devices. My work consists of finding out and setting up on an aircraft a wing twist and bending measurement from a distance. It means that we are able to rebuild in third dimension the behaviour of the wing during the flight, just with cameras. From this 3D reconstruction, we can perform measurements such as distance, angle or distortion. Thanks to the project I am involved in; I have had the great opportunity to do my first flight test.

If the aeronautics industry is a passion for you or if you just want to work on a huge and concrete technological project, Airbus is this kind of company which can give you a stable and promising career. On one hand, you have the opportunity to work directly on the aircraft system. On the other hand, the significant Airbus' task force enables you to be involved in far-reaching international projects.