Undergraduate Apprentice - Filton

With a strong passion in the field of aerospace and aviation; after studying Maths, Physics and German A-levels I knew that a career in engineering was what I wanted to achieve.

Whilst applying to universities to study Aerospace Engineering degrees I came across the Airbus "Undergraduate" Apprenticeship programme. I was unsure at the time if another three years of straight academic study at University was going to be the best option for me, whereas the Airbus Apprentice route seemed to offer the best of both worlds.

Studying for my degree I have been able to learn about in depth structural analysis and fluid dynamics, something that I have then been able to apply first hand whilst working for Airbus. Although other schemes similar to this existed at the time, working for Airbus was the real clincher.

Airbus has offered me such a broad range of opportunities and will continue to support me throughout my career as it develops. One of my highlights so far has been working with the Industry Apprentice Council in London. Working with government ministers I have been able to support the development of apprenticeship programmes on a national level.

I have just finished a placement at the National Composites Centre. Whilst learning about the intricate world of research and technology I was in charge of developing a half scale wing tip demonstrator. This project enabled me to work with people from all over the company including transnational colleagues in Toulouse. Not only did this develop essential communication and time management skills, I was able to travel to Toulouse to exhibit the demonstrator first-hand.

Now entering my final year of the apprenticeship I am hoping to complete a stress based final role on a live project. Working for such a team will bring fast paced and reactive work, something, that creates a real and exciting challenge. With the opportunity to apply for professional registration, I hope to go on to study for Post-Graduate qualifications and who knows what else I can achieve.

My advice to people considering this option would be to work as hard as possible to achieve the required grades and apply. This scheme is one of a kind and offers so many great opportunities and career possibilities with the benefit of getting paid to study without the debt of University tuition fees.