Higher Supply Chain Logistics Apprentice - Broughton

I chose Airbus as an employer, due to the impressive Apprenticeship programme they offer, resulting in professional status and a competitive salary in a successful business.

It was my initial decision after A-Levels to go to University and study an International Business Studies degree. I wanted to work for a large business that was interesting and charismatic, hopefully with an opportunity to work in different countries. However, shortly after receiving my results and upon realising the expenses and debt I would be left with, I thought it wise to defer my entry for a year in the hope of finding an apprenticeship in an international business that would help me achieve my aim. It also occurred to me that though I could leave university with a degree I might not be able to get a job, as many graduates have found.

My current role is within Procurement Quality, dealing with outward facing problems occurring with suppliers and instigating solutions of how to resolve them.

I have many aspirations for my career. I aim to work in a number of functional areas putting the best of my abilities to good use and alongside, working for a Master's Degree in Supply and Procurement. By viewing my career long-sightedly, I feel it is important to develop my language skills to build better relationships with colleagues overseas. I would like to be fluent in both German and French; I'm currently having private language tuition.

My advice to young people at school about to make key decisions about their future is to think outside the norm. There are fantastic opportunities for those who want them, above all; focus on your ambitions and work hard to get them!