Undergraduate Apprentice - Broughton

One of the major attractions of the Undergraduate Apprenticeship scheme was the fact that I would be able to combine both academic and vocational training with on-the-job experience. I have always had a fascination for the aeronautical industry and undertaking an apprenticeship has allowed me to gain a valuable insight into Airbus as a leading international company.

Having visited the Airbus plant on a careers open day I was really impressed with the set-up, having had the opportunity to talk to both management staff and trainee apprentices. The latter spoke positively and enthusiastically about Airbus as an employer and informed me that there were plenty of opportunities to establish a very rewarding and successful career in aeronautical engineering. The future certainly looked bright for Airbus and, to date, working for the company has met all my expectations.

Now in the third year of the apprenticeship I am currently studying for an Honours Degree whilst also gaining practical knowledge and experience within the field of manufacturing engineering as part of my final year placement. Over the last two years I have also had the opportunity to develop my interpersonal skills by participating in several intercultural awareness programmes involving apprentices from diverse Airbus sites across Europe. Through the promotion of my training scheme and events held by the company I have also had the privilege of meeting several high profile industry and political figures including the Prime Minister and Airbus CEO Fabrice Brégier. However, my proudest accomplishment to date has to be winning a national award for the commitment and enthusiasm I demonstrated during the first year of my apprenticeship.

In the long term, I hope to realise my ambition of working as a chartered manufacturing engineer within the commercial aircraft industry. As my career progresses I aim to pursue roles that allow me to experience a wide range of elements within the business; be that in the UK or potentially at overseas plants.

Personally, I think that the "Undergraduate" Apprenticeship programme is a great way to achieve the qualifications usually associated with going to University. The advantage of studying for a degree coupled with relevant practical on-the-job training is something which employers value highly. The two elements are synonymous and therefore, should be of high significance to any individual seeking or trying to secure a future career path in this industry.