Undergraduate Apprentice - Broughton

From a very young age I always wanted to be an engineer, I enjoyed any type of practical activities and always looked to experiment and see how things worked. When studying for my A Levels (in Maths, Chemistry and Physics) I had to think about my future and decided to apply for university to study Engineering but also thought that it would be beneficial to apply for a few apprenticeships too.

I'd heard of Airbus and decided to apply for the 'Higher Apprenticeship'. Just before my A Levels results day I was delighted to find that I had been offered a place on Airbus's new 'Undergraduate Apprenticeship', so I would be able to complete a BEng in Aeronautical Engineering in the third year of the apprenticeship.

Once my A Level results were out and I knew that I had satisfied Airbus' grade requirements, I had no hesitation in accepting my offer. The opportunity to earn whilst I learned and get a bachelors degree, as well as working for such a well renowned company like Airbus, was one I simply could not turn down.

Currently I am a third year apprentice studying for the final year of my BEng and am in my final year placement in Stage 01 Long Range Quality, in the Broughton factory.

I hope to continually progress as an engineer with Airbus and would love to become a manager in the future. As there are plenty of international opportunities, I also hope to work abroad with Airbus and gain a wider understanding of how the organisation works.

I would say to any young person leaving school/college looking to go into engineering that apprenticeships are the future. The experience you gain and opportunities you get when involved in an apprenticeship with Airbus are second to none.