Q. Could I move to another Airbus site in France, Germany or Spain?
A. For those interested in pursuing an international career, we offer many opportunities in the longer term. Some graduates may also complete a placement at one of these sites during the programme.

Q. Will I get a chance to travel?
A. During the programme, many of our graduates visit and/or work at locations away from their home site. The placement structure means that you may have the opportunity to work with customers and suppliers, which will give you an insight into their needs and requirements, and may include international travel.

Q. Can I apply for deferred entry?
A. Airbus Operations Ltd reassesses its graduates' requirements annually and, therefore, we are unable to support applications for deferred entry.

Q. Can I work towards achieving professional accreditation?
A. All graduates are encouraged to achieve professional membership of an appropriate institution including RAeS (Royal Aeronautical Society), CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development), IMechE (Institute of Mechanical Engineers), IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology) and CIPS (Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply).

Q. What happens once I've completed the UK Graduate programme?
A. When you join the company you will be assigned to a department that will help you select placements to ensure you get the most from the opportunities available. This is the area that you aim to join at the end of the programme. Your performance during the programme will influence whether you are considered for a future role in Airbus. If successful, you will be allocated an Advanced Professional Developing (APD) operating level for up to three years after completing the UK Graduate programme.

The APD grade enables you to continue to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours required in your role to ensure you achieve the Advanced Professional (AP) grade within three years or sooner. Key to achieving AP is to define the objectives and development plan early and to ensure the needs of both you and the business are captured.

The development plan usually includes additional training programmes as well as larger work-based experiences that enable your learning to be put into practice.

Promotion from APD to higher grades will depend on whether you have the business' agreement as well as the knowledge and skills essential to the role. Also you will need to demonstrate the behaviours and experiences equivalent to more senior management grades.

Q. I am keen and hard working. Will my contribution be rewarded?
A. During the programme, you will have regular (bi-annual) reviews of performance and development. Depending on the outcome, you could receive up to a 10% annual salary increase.

Q. Can I make more than one application?
A. Yes, you can apply to more than one role however you will only be able to take the situational judgement test once regardless of the number of applications that you have sent.

If you do apply to more than one application group we will only accept the first application and the rest will be rejected.

Q. How do I know if my degree is accredited?
A. It is important to us that our graduates hold an accredited degree to both confirm the standard of their qualification, and to ensure they have the capacity to gain Chartership without the need for additional study.

If you are an Engineering graduate or undergraduate visit http://www.engc.org.uk/to check whether your degree is fully accredited for Chartered Engineer.

Please attach proof of your degree accreditation to your application.

Note that the dates given on the website relate to the year the course was started not completed. For European students, the Engineering Council will be able to advise you if your qualifications are recognised and equivalent to a Masters in Engineering. You can also visit www.feani.org/site/index.php?id=110 where you can check your accreditation.

Q. I am an overseas student, can I apply?
A. The application process for entry to our Early Career programmes is open to applicants from the UK and overseas, providing you meet the eligibility criteria of our programme. This includes written and oral fluency in English.

On the application you will be asked to inform us of your work status. Information is available on the home office website: http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/.

The supply of incorrect information will result in your application being withdrawn from our process.