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The most versatile and efficient Tactical Transport aircraft

The Airbus C295 is a new generation tactical airlifter in the light and medium segment. It is robust and reliable but also highly versatile in terms of the number of different missions it can perform.

The C295W conducts multi-role operations worldwide under all weather conditions. It is fully

certified and routinely operates day and night in combat missions in all weather extremes, from desert to maritime environments, from extreme hot to extreme cold temperatures.

Now, with the new C295W version equipped with winglets, the aircraft is capable of transporting more payload over larger distances in the hot and high conditions typical of various countries included in this tour of the region, resulting in fuel savings of around 4% and increased safety margins in mountainous regions.

Today’s Armed Forces have increasing demands for various air transport missions. And no matter what the requirements for an operation are, the C295 stands ready to conduct its mission successfully.

Orders & deliveries
Total Orders 206
Total Deliveries
Total in Operation

Key figures

2,000 nm (With 6.0 t of payload)
Flight Hours
Up to 11 hours in the air
Flight Hours
71 troops and 50 paratroops and 5 pallets

C295 variants

High versatility, many variants, multiple missions, one aircraft. Most of the different variants can easily be re-configured to a transport version and back, due to the palletized modular mission systems.

Armed/Ground ISR

Armed/Ground ISR

An Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance version with a multi-mission radar that can also be weaponized to conduct effective Close-Air-Support operations.

Water Bomber

Water Bomber

A versatile Roll-on / Roll-off system converts the C295 into an efficient Water Bomber to fight forest fires with up to 7000 litres of water or retardant.



Its reliable long time on station in combination with its Fully Integrated Tactical System (FITS) make the C295 the perfect platform for Maritime Patrol and Anti-Submarine Warfare missions.



Complete interception of electromagnetic (ELINT) and communication (COMINT) emissions to obtain a high level of situational awareness and to generate an intelligence advantage.



In its Airborne Early Warning version the C295 carries a state-of-the-art AESA radar for 360 Degrees coverage to provide a full picture of the airspace.

Air-to-Air Refueling

Air-to-Air Refueling

With a removable refueling kit, the C295 can be easily transformed into a tanker aircraft that is able to provide up to 6000kg of fuel to fixed and rotary wing receivers.

VIP Transport

VIP Transport

With its palletized VIP-seat modules the C295 brings a high level of comfort to short / unpaved airstrips in remote areas where usual VIP aircraft cannot land.

Medical Evacuation

Medical Evacuation

In its MEDEVAC configuration the C295 can fit up to 24 stretchers plus 7 medical attendants and even intensive care configurations are possible.

Missions and operations

The robustness and versatility of the C295 makes it the ideal platform for any type of military or civic operations for the benefit of society.

Military operations

The C295 aircraft is combat proven and has successfully completed military missions in all types of environments. It routinely operates in the hot and humid environments of the Brazilian jungle and Colombian mountains, in the dusty and very hot deserts of Algeria and Jordan, and in the extremely cold winters and icy conditions of Poland and Finland. The C295 has been successfully used during long deployments (up to two years, flying up to 90 hours per aircraft per month) in remote areas, such as Chad, Iraq and Afghanistan. The C295 has become the most trusted airlifter in its category, being used either as single transport type, or as a versatile and efficient complement to heavy airlifters and transport helicopters.

In its military role, C295 is used for:

• Tactical transport of troops and the required logistic supplies (water, food, ammunition, medical supplies, spare parts) from the main operating base to the forward bases, and among forward locations. The C295 can use short unprepared airstrips not accessible to heavier aircraft.

• Airdrop of paratroops and loads, with the use of 88in-width platforms and container delivery system (CDS) A22 bundles.

  • Activities related to antiterrorism, border control and homeland security, thanks to its integrated surveillance systems, including the FITS. 
  • Casualty evacuation (Casevac) /Medical evacuation (Medevac) using either basic litters or mobile intensive care units (ICU) with life support equipment. 

In addition, C295 also offers especial versions such as Gunship (Close air support to ground troops, convoys, facilities, etc) and optional self-protection equipment, which are already in service in hostile environments like Iraq and Afghanistan: cockpit armour, radar warning (RWR), missile warning (MAWS), laser warning (LWS), and chaff/flares dispensers.

Civic / humanitarian

Humanitarian Missions
The C295 is ideal for any kind of Humanitarian mission for the benefit of society. Robust, solid, rugged, and with outstanding low level flight and short take-off and landing characteristics from unprepared rough, soft and short airstrips, but also a flying endurance of up to eleven hours, the C295 is also fitted with Airbus Defence and Space’s unique Fully Integrated Tactical System (FITS) allowing any kind of surveillance and monitoring.

Civic Missions
The C295’s “civic” activities include surveillance and control activities such as search and rescue, monitoring of illegal immigration, drug smuggling, piracy, illegal fishery, maritime pollution control and deterrance, wild deforestation, bringing supplies to people living in remote locations (isolated islands, deserts, etc). These are performed by most of the operators, such as the Portuguese Air Force to patrol the huge Portugal’s Economic Exclusive Zone (EEZ), including areas around Azores and Madeira islands. Chilean Navy and Brazilian Air Force also use the C295 for search and rescue (SAR) missions.The Surveillance activities can be performed thanks to the Fully Integrated Tactical System (FITS), which can be installed in both permanent or palletized solution.


Highly versatile tactical airlifter

The longest cabin, optimized for daily missions
Being 12.7 m / 41 ft 8 in long, the C295 has the longest unobstructed cabin in its class. It can accommodate up to 71 seats, offering a much higher persononnel carrying capability than its competitors in this segment. For the same reason, it can carry much more palletised cargo(up to five 88 inch X 108 inch standard HCU-6E pallets) with direct off-loading through its rear ramp door.

Short Take-off & landing (STOL)
The C295’s STOL capability combined with a strong landing gear enable it to operate in the most austere locations with the worst conditions for take-off and landings. The aircraft is a tactical military transport with a light footprint to enable operations from short (no longer than 670 m / 2,200 ft), soft and rough (CBR 2) unprepared airstrips. The C295 is also designed to provide outstanding low-level flight characteristics for tactical missions, flying at speeds down to 110 kt.


Advanced Technology

A key to C295’s unique patrol and surveillance capabilities is its Fully Integrated Tactical System (FITS) which integrates, controls and displays the mission sensors, enhancing the mission awareness and facilitating the decision making.

The C295 is fitted with the Highly Integrated Avionics System (HIAS), an advanced integrated avionics system based on the Thales Topdeck ® Avionics suite. The flexible architecture concept and the use of dual technology civil/military equipment ensure success on demanding tactical missions, growth potential for future equipment as well as compatibility with the latest civil airspace environment.

The left engine is fitted with a propeller brake: while on the ground the engine gas generator can function in APU mode with the propeller stopped to deliver electrical power and bleed air for the aircraft systems. The propeller brake system provides the same ground-power functionalities of a conventional on-board APU at a fraction of the cost, weight and complexity.

The C295 glass cockpit with digital avionics includes four large active matrix liquid crystal displays (6’’x8’’), fully compatible with night vision goggles. The advanced integrated avionics system with multifunctional displays provides improved situational awareness and flight safety, lower pilot workload and enhanced mission effectiveness. The system functionalities support the requirements for both civil and military tactical environments: CARP/HARP computational aids (for precision airdrops), performance management, VNAV, radio management, tactical databases, etc. The autopilot and flight director System is certified under FAR-25 requirements for ILS Cat I and Cat II approaches and GPS non-precision approaches for automatic or manual operations.


C295 search and rescue aircraft    
C295 Armed Version    
C295 Armed Version    
C295 Armed Version    
C295 Armed Version    
C295 Kazakhstan Air Force    
C295 Kazakhstan Air Force    
C295 Winglets    
C295, end of Tour at Campo Grande military base, Brazil    
AIRBUS Ambiance - 24 June PAS 2017    
Guiness World Record Photo - 22 June PAS 2017    
C295 Static Display - 21 June PAS 2017    
C295 Brazilian Air Force    
Air-to-air refuelling between  C295W medium transports with a H225M Caracal helicopter    
Air-to-air refuelling capability of the Airbus C295W    
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