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9,000th delivery

In March 2015, Airbus marked a major milestone with the delivery of its 9,000th aircraft – an A321 for VietJetAir – to the company’s global customer and operator base.

Airbus’ delivery of its 9,000th aircraft – the first A321 for fast-growing VietJetAir’s all A320 Family fleet – in March 2015 marked a new achievement as the company continues to accelerate the production output of its single-aisle and widebody jetliners in meeting demand from a widening global customer base.

This delivery was very appropriately a member of the A320 Family, which is one of the world’s best-selling commercial aircraft product lines – with over 6,450 provided from the more than 11,500 ordered by customers around the globe as of Airbus’ landmark 9,000th delivery. 

The other aircraft contributing to this delivery milestone were Airbus’ cornerstone medium-haul A300 and A310, of which 816 were supplied during their successfully completed production run; the long-range A330 and A340, with 1,500-plus provided; more than 150 A380 jetliners; and the initial next-generation A350 XWB aircraft – all received by airlines as of February 2015.

Overall, Airbus’ production output has been increasing since the company handed over its very first aircraft in May 1974: an A300B2.  In March 1993, the 1,000th delivery landmark occurred with an A340-300, followed by the 2,000th handover in May 1999 – which also was an A340-300.

Underscoring its rapid growth with an expanded aircraft family, the 3,000th Airbus aircraft delivery was an A320 provided in July 2002, while only three years later – in September 2005 – an A330-300 became the 4,000th aircraft supplied to a customer.

Just two years afterward, the 5,000th milestone was achieved in December 2007 with an A330-200. The 6,000th delivery in January 2010 – involving an A380 – further confirmed the company's continued leading role as a provider of highly efficient aircraft to airline operators and customers around the world.

For the 7,000th jetliner handover in December 2011, the aircraft was an A321 provided to United States-based US Airways – which is a major Airbus customer, and also has the distinction of flying one of the largest A320 Family inventories.

Just over a year and a half later, the company marked its milestone 8,000th delivery with an A320 featuring Sharklets provided to AirAsia, which flies an all-Airbus fleet and has ordered 475 single-aisle aircraft from Airbus, along with 26 A330s and 10 A350 XWBs.