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Asset management

Airbus’ Asset Management Division is responsible for selling and leasing used Airbus aircraft to operators around the globe. Its primary duties include commercial, financial and risk management of the company’s portfolio, as well as the enhancement of all Airbus products’ residual value.

A full range of related services can be arranged through the Asset Management Division, from assistance with service entry and interior reconfiguration, to maintenance support and more.

This division leverages the skills and experience of approximately 40 dedicated team members, who are based at Airbus’ Toulouse, France headquarters and the Airbus Americas operation in Virginia, USA. 

Valid enquiries related to Airbus asset management should be directed to: asset.management@airbus.com

Efficient lift for the long-haul

The Airbus A340 opened true long-haul operations upon its service entry, and together with the A330, has become the best-selling widebody jetliner family of all time. As certain airlines prefer to keep fleet age very low, it is natural that a proportion of their assets are moved to the used aircraft market – and the A340 is no exception.

As a result, Airbus’ A340 Family of four variants – the A340-200, A340-300, -500 and -600 – are now available at very competitive lease rates, making them affordable and efficient prospects for carriers looking at long-haul opportunities in today’s market.

Further benefits of the A340 include its performance, excellent payload accommodation, commonality with other Airbus types and high reliability.


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