The environment and air travel

Air travel is an invaluable global asset which is at the heart of today’s global economy. Therefore, safeguarding aviation’s economic & societal benefits is crucial. More than 56 million jobs and USD $2.2 trillion of global gross domestic product are supported by the air travel industry. The aviation industry’s global economic impact is 3.5 per cent of global GDP. If aviation were a country, it would rank 19th in size by GDP – approximately the size as Switzerland or Poland.

Globally the aviation sector is expanding. Passenger demand doubles every 15 years and by 2050 it could be handling 16 billion passengers and 400 million tonnes of cargo annually. In the meantime, passengers have become increasingly mindful of the ecological impact of their travel choices.

Airbus’ eco-friendly endeavors

Airbus research and development investments are over €2 Billion of which more than 90 per cent have environmental benefits. 

Airbus is committed to the Flightpath 2050 which outlines a significant commitment to cutting emissions:

• 75 per cent CO2 emissions reduction/passenger/km (75% = 65% related to the product and 10% related to the infrastructures)

• 90 per cent NOx emissions reduction 

• 65 per cent Noise reduction 

These targets were set by the ACARE (Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe) against the 2000 baseline.

Visit the ATAG-sponsored website enviro.aero to discover what Airbus and other industry members are doing to limit air transport's impact on the environment.

Supporting the largest land restoration initiative ever

Before and after restoration
Find out more on www.plantapledge.com...

Plant a pledge 



In June 2012, Airbus teamed with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) for the “Plant a Pledge” campaign, which  encourages people to sign a petition asking government and business leaders to develop solid policy based on the Bonn Challenge – a commitment made to rehabilitate 150 million hectares of degraded land by 2020.

A dedicated website, www.plantapledge.com, was launched to build public support for this initiative prior to the United Nations Rio+20 Summit on Sustainable Development in Brazil during June. 

Further actions related to the “Plant a Pledge” campaign are planned for the IUCN’s World Conservation Congress at South Korea in September 2012, and the petition will be delivered to world leaders at November’s UN Climate Change Convention in Doha.  Announcement of the “Plant a Pledge” effort’s results is planned for May 2013.


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