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Ethics & Compliance

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One of the most valuable assets to Airbus is its reputation. Consequently, each and every employee is committed to defending high ethical standards in business relations both inside the company and out – a commitment which continues to drive Airbus to the very leading edge of integrity in global business practices.

Airbus draws on the strong traditions of each of its founding companies, as well as its Airbus Group parent organization. It has built on diversity to develop into a global leader in the company’s markets. Airbus is proud of its strong integrity and safety culture, which is essential to delivering high-quality products and services to a global customer base.

The Airbus Integrity Principles – available to all employees – outline the guiding values for conducting day-to-day business of the company, as well as for relationships with business partners, fellow employees, shareholders and governmental authorities.

Integrity Principles

Commitment to Our People
Our Company believes that a workplace should be based on respect, honesty, and fairness. We encourage innovation and employee engagement and are committed to maintaining high standards of quality, health and safety. 

Commitment to Our Company
Our employees are committed to avoiding any conflicts that might put their personal interests ahead of what is best for the Company. Additionally, our employees are encouraged to speak up and seek guidance if they have any ethical or compliance concerns. 

Commitment to Building Trust
Our employees protect the property and confidential information of the Company and of our stakeholders. Protecting confidential data, keeping accurate records, and adhering to all laws governing our business are critical to our long-term success. 

Commitment to Conducting Ethical Business
Business meals, hospitality, and modest non-monetary gifts may be given or accepted if they reflect customary business practices. However, all business decisions must be based solely on the merits. Only clean business is sustainable business. Corruption is detrimental to the work environment, stifles innovation, and is illegal. Our Company has a zero tolerance policy towards corruption of any kind. 

Commitment to Corporate Citizenship
Our Company is committed to being a good corporate citizen. We acknowledge our responsibilities towards the environment, our local communities, and our stakeholders. 

Commitment to be Responsive
Our Company is committed to respond to employees’ concerns and suggestions. Our Division Compliance Officers and our Ethics & Compliance representatives are always available to offer guidance and support. Additionally, the Airbus Group OpenLine can be contacted to report an incident or raise a concern, confidentially and without fear of retaliation.

Airbus Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer
Email: compliance@airbus.com

Ethics & Compliance function within Airbus

Ethics & Compliance programme 

The Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer organisation is at the centre of Airbus’ Ethics & Compliance programme. It is led by the Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer (CECO) and is supported by a team of managers that form the Compliance Programme Office (CPO), whose focus is on:

Communications and training

Guidance, processes and tools

Ethics & compliance investigations

This work can only be done with the support of Airbus’ 13 Business Compliance Officers (BCOs – by function) and over 85 Business Compliance Representatives (BCRs – by programme, site and subsidiary).

Airbus is concentrating on the three pillars “Prevent/Detect/Respond,” and is committed to minimize and mitigate the Ethics & Compliance-related risks for the company and its employees.

Export Control 
A key element of Airbus’ success is its ability to export products to customers located all around the world. International and national laws govern what and how the company may export due to security concerns related to the potential misuse of components or technology for improper purposes. The results of non-compliance with export control policies can be severe and may eventually damage a company’s reputation. 

Airbus therefore has a strict policy of compliance and adherence to national and international regulations when it comes to export control.

In Situ Subcontracting 
As part of the company’s flexibility strategy, Airbus works with large numbers of subcontractors who through their particular expertise add great value to Airbus services, allowing the company to focus on its core business. 

Working together with external subcontractors, especially within Airbus premises, needs to meet national labour law regulations. Referring to case law, a dedicated team ensures that the relationships with service providers remain within the terms of the commercial contract, so that they can perform independently on time and on quality. An awareness sessions programme is deployed to ensure that Airbus fully complies with the labour law regulations.