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Key areas of focus

Youth development

The Airbus Corporate Foundation’s goal is to create a better world for people in need. It is active in developing initiatives that inspire disadvantaged children and young adults through aviation.

The Foundation currently is developing programs which provide opportunities for Airbus employees to volunteer their time to help disadvantaged young people in communities around Airbus sites, worldwide. It also has implemented several actions aimed at providing tutoring or vocational readiness support for such individuals. 

Since its creation in December 2008, the Foundation has supported 60 projects and 40 charities in 10 countries around the world. More than 400 Airbus employees were directly and indirectly involved in these projects.

Environment – biodiversity program

Environment – biodiversity program

The Airbus Corporate Foundation promotes and integrates the values to which Airbus aspires: bringing people of the world together and adding value, while reducing humankind’s impact on the environment.

Airbus is committed to promoting a more sustainable world. With 2010 being the International Year of Biodiversity, the Airbus Corporate Foundation launched a Biodiversity Program, with the goal of raising awareness of biodiversity issues among young people.

Through a unique “Biodiversity Program,” groups of Airbus employees have participated in a conservation project in India that forms part of a wider effort endorsed by the Indian Ministry of the Environment and Forests. This project consists of the installation of an environmentally-friendly and sustainable energy source in a rural village – reducing both deforestation and the need for LPG gas. On their return, the Airbus employees who participated in the project will share their experience with youth groups in the frame of a three-year educational biodiversity project with local schools.

The biodiversity conservation program is a unique and rewarding experience for the Indian communities, Airbus employees and local schools around Airbus sites. This work will help conserve local forests, open new opportunities for the village, and improve the quality of life of individuals without compromising biodiversity.

Humanitarian and community support

The Airbus Corporate Foundation works in partnership with non-governmental organisations using Airbus aircraft to provide direct support and aid to communities in need and/or that have been affected by natural disasters.

As of April 2014, the Airbus Corporate Foundation had completed more than 36 relief or goodwill flights to destinations around the globe, and built up a global network of airlines and relief organisations to support international humanitarian causes.