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In today’s global aerospace environment, building and maintaining close relationships – which many times means local relationships – are extremely important for future growth. Airbus’ new phase of growth in the U.S. will allow for greater collaboration and efficiency with top-tier suppliers like Rockwell Collins and provide valuable job opportunities for the U.S. aviation workforce.

by Clay Jones , Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer from United States

American applauds Airbus' decision to expand its production of world-class aircraft to America. Our landmark fleet deal last year for hundreds of aircraft puts American on track to have the most modern, fuel-efficient fleet among its peers. Airbus A320 family aircraft will be a big part of this transformation starting next year

by Tom Horton , Chairman and CEO, American Airlines from United States

RTI is proud to be Airbus’s North American titanium supplier for over 40 years, and our growing partnership is an important part of our future. We applaud the decision of Airbus to establish a U.S. manufacturing center in Mobile, AL – an economic zone with great potential. Becoming an industrial citizen of America is an important strategic step for Airbus and it supports RTI jobs in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, California, Connecticut, Missouri and Texas

by Dawne Hickton , President & CEO, RTI International Metalsv from United States

Today’s announcement by Airbus is great news for the American aerospace industry and American workers. Pratt & Whitney looks forward to building on our longstanding partnership with Airbus and powering many of the aircraft being assembled in Mobile.

by David Hess , President, Pratt and Whitney from United States

Under [Airbus America’s Chairman] Allan McArtor’s leadership, Airbus has shown a strong commitment to bring more Airbus business to Ohio, Airbus’s largest supplier state. I envision that the establishment of an Airbus assembly facility in Alabama will lead to increased business for Ohio companies in the Airbus supply chain.

by Michael L. Heil , President & CEO, Ohio Aerospace Institute from Serbia

The Mobile community has worked diligently over the past ten years to convince companies in the aerospace sector that Mobile is the optimum American venue in which to manufacture airplanes profitably. Mobile has a skilled, dedicated and productive workforce, our quality of life is exceptional, and our people are our most important asset. They work hard, are friendly and they play well with others, both domestically and internationally. Besides these attributes, Mobile has some of the finest infrastructure found anywhere, including five class-one railroads, two airports, a deep water port and two intersecting Interstates

by Win Hallett , President, Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce from Montenegro

Today is a victory not just for Mobile but for the State of Alabama. Landing this contract to bring Airbus to Mobile reinforces our identity as an emerging aerospace hub. Our success in recruiting this major contract and others like it is due to the team effort Mobile and the State of Alabama are recognized for. Congratulations to everyone, this is huge.

by Gina Gregory , Mobile City Councilmember (District 7) from Montenegro

After the disappointment of losing the tanker project, this is welcome news that will greatly lift the spirits of the people of Mobile County and surrounding areas.

by Senator Rusty Glover , Alabama State Senate, District 34 from Montenegro

The core factor in this announcement is jobs for our community, our state and our region. Certainly our economy needs a boost and this announcement is a true achievement for our region.

by Representative Victor Gaston, Alabama House of Representatives, District 100 from United States

We never gave up on EADS and Airbus. The company saw our commitment and how badly we wanted to develop our aerospace industry. Even after we lost tanker we went back to EADS and said you need to be assembling planes in Mobile.

by Mike Dean , Mobile County Commissioner (District 3) from Montenegro

As one of the few growing domestic airlines and the launch customer for the A320neo, we are pleased that Airbus is continuing to invest in the assembly of its next generation A320 family aircraft here in the U.S. The low operating costs, cabin comfort and carbon-efficient design of our all Airbus A320 Family fleet has helped fuel our success and growth to date – including the creation of 2,600 new airline jobs since our 2007 launch. It will be great to see these aircraft delivered here in America after 2016.

by David Cush , President and CEO, Virgin America from United States

As we begin to celebrate our Independence Day, this great announcement, will be heard around the world! Thanks to those who worked so hard in securing this for our city and for Alabama.

by Reggie Copeland , Mobile City Council President (District 5) from Montenegro

This expansion of the aerospace industry along the Gulf Coast is very positive news for manufacturing and the economy in the region. I welcome this announcement and the positive impact it will have in South Mississippi.

by U.S. Senator Thad Cochran from Jersey

No longer do we have to say, ‘didn’t we almost have it all?’ After all we are announcing today the culmination of years of hard work and cooperation among the City of Mobile, that State of Alabama, and companies like Airbus from around the globe. I am proud of the dedication that we have put into this, and I look forward to our citizens reaping the benefits of an increase job market. Our community deserves a victory like this.

by William Carroll , Mobile City Councilmember (District 2) from Montenegro

This is probably the most significant economic impact to hit Mobile in my lifetime. As a mother I am hopeful that this will allow our children more job opportunities to remain close to home.

by Debbie Carey , Mobile resident and mother of three from Montenegro

This announcement represents one thousand much needed new jobs for south Alabama. The Airbus decision to create a final assembly line facility is a further sign that Alabama has developed a strong international reputation as a state that fosters success and profitability for companies that choose to invest here. We are excited about this prominent addition to our growing reputation as a center for aerospace technology and manufacturing. This announcement is further evidence that our five year strategic economic development plan, Accelerate Alabama, is the correct path for future capital investment and job growth in our state.

by Greg Canfield , Secretary, Alabama Department of Commerce from Montenegro

This project is bigger and better than the original tanker project. It will do more for our area economically than anything else I could imagine.

by Representative James Busk , Alabama House of Representatives, District 99, Mobile Delegation Co-Chair from Montenegro

We have long known that Brookley Aeroplex would offer the amenities to help a wise company grow, and that it would provide an incubator for jobs throughout our community. This announcement by Airbus has taken that knowledge and turned it into a magnificent reality. This real, tangible accomplishment for our area is a validation of our efforts, and the realization that our hard work continues to pay off.

by Jermaine Burrell , Mobile City Councilmember (District 3) from Montenegro

Ohio is the #1 supplier to Airbus. By locating a manufacturing center in the U.S., Airbus will be closer to Ohio suppliers. I’m eager to continue to partner with Airbus to expand opportunities and jobs for Ohio aerospace suppliers.

by U.S. Senator Sherrod Brow from Serbia

I am thrilled that Airbus has taken this monumental decision to develop a state of the art, world class aircraft manufacturing facility in the United States. This is the perfect fit of a great airframe design combined with some of the most skilled workers on the planet. I can't wait to receive our first A320neo aircraft from the Mobile facility.

by Bryan Bedford , Chairman, Frontier Airlines from United States