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Today’s announcement is a clear signal to companies around the world that the U.S. remains a major manufacturing hub that welcomes investment. A leader in the global aerospace industry, Airbus’ decision shows enormous confidence not only in U.S. markets but also in U.S. workers. This is another step forward in our country’s broader economic recovery, but we must continue to foster a business friendly environment. Global capital and investment will only go where it is safe and welcome.

by Thomas J. Donohue , President and CEO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce from United States

Airbus' decision to build a new manufacturing plant in the United States shows that we are continuing to make progress in encouraging companies from around the world to bring jobs and investment to America. New investments in manufacturing create jobs throughout the supply chain, and the Airbus plant in Alabama will support jobs in states around the country like Ohio, California, Iowa and Washington. The President has put forward a comprehensive plan to encourage companies to bring jobs to the United States, by providing incentives for companies to create jobs here while removing tax breaks for companies shipping jobs overseas, and making the investments in American energy, innovation, skills, and infrastructure that we need to compete.

by The White House from United States

I extend my congratulations to Airbus on their new endeavor and look forward to the opportunity to introduce Airbus to Kansas suppliers at the Airbus Air Capital Supplier Summit in Wichita in the next few weeks. Kansas has a large number of suppliers and potential suppliers for Airbus. As Airbus continues to invest in U.S. partners, we are glad that Kansas is at the forefront of providing aviation talent in the areas of engineering and manufacturing. The partnership between Airbus and Kansas, over the last decade, is one that we appreciate and hope to continue as Airbus sets their sights on doubling procurement spending in the U.S. over the next decade.

by U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) from Isle of Man

As a customer of Airbus, we send them our congratulations and best wishes on this announcement. While a very substantial part of each Airbus is already made in the U.S., we are looking forward to the day when the Airbus aircraft we fly will have been assembled at this new facility in the U.S.

by Mark Dunkerley , President and CEO, Hawaiian Airlines from United States

Airlines continue to recognize the tremendous value of the A320 aircraft as they upgrade their fleets. Airbus’ decision to open a new production facility and create high-tech jobs here in the United States is a very positive sign for the entire aerospace industry,” said. “I applaud the Airbus leadership team for their vision and long-term commitment to supporting customers in the United States and around the world.

by Louis Chênevert , Chairman and Chief Executive, UTC from United States

What great news for the people of Mobile. No doubt, our workforce will provide the world the quality product it needs to meet the global demands of the future.

by John Williams , Mobile City Councilmember (District 4) from Montenegro

Airbus’s decision is great news for Alabama and Mississippi, leading to significant economic opportunities. Mississippi and the Gulf Coast have a strong workforce able to support highly-skilled manufacturing operations, and Airbus’s facility, like American Eurocopter in Columbus, will create new jobs throughout our region. This investment will drive growth for the many suppliers and support services that are necessary to produce state of the art aircraft.

by U.S. Senator Roger Wicker from Jersey

This project is transformative for the entire Mobile area. To have the world’s largest airplane manufacturer select Mobile for its flagship final assembly line in North America speaks volumes about the Mobile team and the confidence Airbus has in our workforce and our ability to deliver. We have always been the geographical center of the Gulf Coast Aerospace corridor, now we can boast that we are the manufacturing center as well.

by Troy L. Wayman , CeD, Vice President of Economic Development, Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce from Montenegro

Today’s announcement is tremendous news for this region. The old saying that good things come to those who wait has new meaning to our community. We are thrilled that Airbus has decided to expand its footprint at Brookley, and we welcome that growth with open arms.

by Bill Sisson , Executive Director, Mobile Airport Authority from Montenegro

The demand for commercial aircraft is growing worldwide, and major airframers need to expand their manufacturing and assembly capabilities to keep up. We are delighted that Airbus has decided to locate this new plant here in the U.S., creating jobs and helping to keep the American aerospace industry strong and economically sound.

by Jeff Rolf , Vice President of Commercial Programs, Parker Aerospace from United States

The Industrial Development Board (IDB) is pleased to partner with all of the entities involved to bring this major project to Mobile. Airbus will create additional higher paying jobs that will help increase the quality of life for the citizens of Mobile and the area. This type of project aligns itself perfectly with the mission of the IDB.

by Johnnie Robinson , President, Industrial Development Board for the City of Mobile from Montenegro

Seldom has any generation in their lifetime been faced with the prospect of a single event so profound that it will change the course of history. This profound prospect has now materialized in Mobile, AL, in that EADS has again selected our city to build not fuel tankers, but the next generation of the state-of-the-art commercial air planes. Surely this single history-making event will change the economic dynamics of our city and region for the rest of this century. Mobile is taking its proper place among only two other great cities in the world, with the coming of Airbus. We may very well be the only city to build ships and airplanes.

by Fred Richardson , Mobile City Council Member (District 1) from Montenegro

It is a pleasure to welcome EADS/ Airbus into the fabric of our community. All Mobilians embrace their vision to build the A320neo, and we will be committed to insuring the success and well-being of this endeavor for years to come. Congratulations to everyone who worked diligently to see that the newest generation when it comes to commercial airline travel will be produced in the great city of Mobile, Alabama.

by Bess Rich , Mobile City Council Member (District 6) from Montenegro

This is fantastic news for Mobile and the Gulf Coast region. The potential impact on all businesses will be significant with a huge impact on small businesses like ours who are the lifeblood of any community. I have always been fascinated and excited by airplanes and the aerospace industry and now we are going to be one of the leading hubs in North America. Thanks to Airbus for having the confidence in Mobile to make such an important investment in our great community

by Mike Payne , Gwin’s Printing (Mobile, AL small business owner) from Montenegro

We're excited that Airbus is building their newest, world-class assembly facility in the United States. This plant brings nearly 1,000 jobs for people who will build some of the most advanced and efficient aircraft available today," said Doug Parker, US Airways Chairman and CEO. "We value our long-standing relationship with Airbus and applaud their initiative to create jobs in the United States.

by Doug Parker , Chairman and CEO, US Airways from United States

This is great news for South Mississippi. We’ve done a lot to encourage economic development and growth along the Gulf Coast, and we have a world-class workforce ready to fill these jobs. As the region’s aerospace corridor expands, I think you’re going to see even more companies looking to follow in Airbus’s footsteps.

by U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo (4th District, Mississippi) from Jersey

I love changes in Mobile and to see things growing. I think this is going to be a really great opportunity for us and it can absolutely impact small businesses. There will be more people moving here for jobs and the citizens already here will have new opportunities and more money to spend in local small businesses.

by Anita Motykiewicz , All A Bloom Florist (Mobile, AL small business owner) from United States

This is a tremendous announcement for our region. We are always trying to attract businesses to the area, but a world-class aerospace leader like Airbus establishing an assembly facility locally is truly a monumental achievement. Having Airbus as a corporate neighbor has the potential to be the catalyst for a sustained job growth trend along the entire Gulf Coast.

by U.S. Rep. Jeff Miller (1st District, Florida) from Guernsey

This is a great day, and one we’ve all worked over seven years to achieve. We are extremely pleased by the jobs and business expansion possibilities Airbus will bring to our region. Not only will Mobile gain a company of the highest quality, but throughout this process, we’ve come to know well many individuals from both Airbus and EADS, all of whom will be fine neighbors and great corporate citizens. We look forward to working with Airbus in the many years to come.

by Jimmy Lyons , Director/Chief Executive Officer, Alabama State Port Authority from United States

This is a perfect fit with the companies, training centers, and aviation schools we already have at Brookley. We anticipate many suppliers will locate in the county. We hope to have a thriving aerospace industry for decades to come.

by Merceria Ludgood , Mobile County Commissioner Merceria Ludgood (District 1) from United States

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