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Briefing Notes have been developed to constitute a safety-awareness reference for all aviation actors, regardless of their role, type of equipment and operation.

Briefing Notes provide an equal focus on Flight Operations (Volume 1), Cabin Operations (Volume 2) and Maintenance (Volume 3).

To ensure optimum viewing and activate the hyperlinks between various Briefing Notes or towards external websites, please download all Briefing Notes in a dedicated folder on your computer hard disk.

Volume 1, Flight Operations

How-to-Use Briefing Notes
Industry Safety Initiatives
Standard Operating Procedures
Human Performance
Operating Environment
Adverse Weather Operation
Supplementary Techniques
Ground Handling
Runway and Surface Operations
Takeoff and Departure Operations
Descent Management
Approach Techniques
Landing Techniques

Volume 2, Cabin Operations

Cabin Operations

Volume 3, Maintenance

Human Performance
Best Practices


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