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Light and medium airlifters to pace Middle East & North Africa market demand

Light and medium airlifters to pace Middle East & North Africa market demand
15 November 2011 Feature story

The demand for military transport aircraft and aerial tankers in the Middle East and North Africa during the next 10 years is expected to create a potential market for an estimated 117 new aircraft, with the primary category being light/medium airlifters in the class of Airbus Military’s twin-engine CN235 and C295.

These new aircraft will need to meet evolving mission needs, fulfilling increasingly broad applications that range from the control of illegal immigration, anti-piracy patrols and multinational peacekeeping duties to the identification of drug traffic, monitoring of oil spills, and humanitarian transportation.

Airbus Military’s market forecast -- which was outlined at this week’s Dubai Airshow --anticipates the acquisition of 61 light and medium transports by Middle East and North Africa customers during the next 10 years, according to Gustavo García Miranda, the company’s Airbus Military Vice President - Market Development.

Heavy transports in the category of Airbus Military’s A400M are expected to account for the sales of an estimated 40 aircraft in the coming decade, while the aerial tanker segment -- in which Airbus Military offers the A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport -- could generate orders for of some 16 aircraft during the 10-year period.

Airbus Military already has an established presence in the Middle East and North Africa, with eight customers in the region: Algeria (six C295s), Egypt (three C295s), Jordan (two C295s and four C212s), Morocco (seven CN235s), Oman (two CN235s), Saudi Arabia (six A330 MRTTs, and four CN235s), the United Arab Emirates (three A330 MRTTs, seven CN235s and four C212s), and Yemen (one CN235).


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