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Cabin comfort

Airbus’ superior cabin experience continues to evolve with the introduction of the Airspace by Airbus cabin concept. Offering the perfect blend of features and services, along with the best of the company’s cabin innovation and design, Airspace is built on four key attributes that reflect the expectations of today’s consumers and the needs of today’s airlines: comfort, ambience, services and design. Airspace therefore continues our tradition of bringing together passenger experience and operational efficiency in the most successful cabin products.


Comfort has always been a major design consideration to ensure the best possible passenger experience across all families of Airbus aircraft. This is why Airbus offers an entire product line designed to set the modern standard for comfort in the evolving aviation industry. Not only are these cabins innovative and attractive, they also are being continuously improved to provide the quietest, most comfortable and enjoyable flights for both passengers and crew. With wider seats and larger overhead stowage, Airbus offer passengers and crew more space to enjoy both their travel and work whilst ensuring significant competitive advantages for operating airlines.

Comfort aboard Airbus aircraft is further assured by the highly effective cabin air conditioning. Advanced environmental control systems maintain an airy, yet draught-free, environment. The cabin crew have precise control over the temperature in more individual zones of the aircraft throughout the journey, optimising levels of comfort for passengers at all times. High efficiency filters clean recirculated air of 99.99 per cent of particulate and organic matter.

Together with highly controlled air circulation patterns with no longitudinal flow, even the most miniscule organic materials are efficiently and quickly removed from the cabin.

Airbus’ unique Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) converter, along with an ozone filter, ensures the freshness of the new air drawn from outside, whether in the airport environment or in cruise. In this way, the air in the entire aircraft cabin is completely replaced every two to three minutes with clean and fresh smelling air.


All Airbus jetliners can be fitted with state-of-the-art In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) systems offering passengers individual screens with high quality audio and video programming on available on demand. Passengers can even receive other services such as satellite live television broadcasts, safety instructions in their own language, live views from landscape cameras outside of the aircraft, international news or connecting flight information. These latest generation systems are fully integrated into the seat which not only opens up further legroom but also allows the connection of their own Personal Electronic Devices, such as smart phones, tablets or laptops to the screen in their seat.

IFE now encompasses on-board connectivity, available on all Airbus aircraft. Passengers can use their personal wireless devices such as mobiles, tablets or laptops to send and receive SMS messages, e-mails, access the internet or make and receive phone calls. Easily manageable by cabin crew, a selectable “voice-off” mode restricts cell-phone usage to data services only (SMS, email, mobile internet). Passengers’ feedback shows the service is a tremendous success and airlines love this feature as it enables them to reach passengers personally in flight and generate ancillary revenues.

Making sure that cabin crew are as comfortable and well rested as possible is essential to helping them to give the best possible service to passengers. Across the Airbus aircraft families,

innovative solutions have been used to provide crew with comfortable and private rest areas without taking away vital space for passengers in the cabin.

The A330neo cabin will integrate fourth-generation in-flight entertainment, with high-definition viewing resolution and discrete electronic boxes that provide clear under-seat legroom


Airbus was the first manufacturer to introduce ambient lighting as a factory fit option on commercial aircraft. Today it is possible to fit ambient lighting on all Airbus aircraft, allowing airlines to adapt the cabin lighting and create an atmosphere in line with their branding and colour scheme, choosing from a palette of 16 million colours.

Pre-defined lighting scenarios use colours, brightness levels and dynamic transitions to provide a pleasant and refined cabin atmosphere in all phases of flight. For example, this feature can be utilised to reduce the effects of jet lag by simulating sunrise or sunset – ensuring passengers arrive at their destination refreshed and ready to go. The adoption of LED technology throughout the cabin lighting improves lighting control, the variety of scenarios, and the quality of the lighting, so that airlines can “make magic” out of light.

Airbus cabins are the quietest cabins in the sky, which greatly contributes to passengers being rested on reaching their destination. Our aircraft often surprise people by their quietness on-board, this being the case for A380 in particular. Passengers' overall perception is one of peace and quiet, making a major contribution toward stress-free and restful flights All Airbus long haul cabins are at least 3 decibels quieter than their competition – this means half the noise energy or less.

Throughout all “Airspace by Airbus” cabins are consistently-recognizable signature design elements such as clean, straight lines; clear surfaces; and ambient lighting


Airbus creates spacious, modern and eye-catching cabins that are both comfortable and efficient. This sophisticated approach to cabin design gives passengers more space to relax whilst offering more storage solutions for luggage; a perfectly balanced blend of appearance and functionality. Cabin crew can move around this space easily and airlines can easily project their own brand.

Straight lines, clean shapes and clear surfaces are used to emphasise spaciousness and quality. Signature details and iconic elements, as well as the high quality of trim and finish, are recognisable throughout the cabin.

This consistent approach to design ensures that passengers can better enjoy their time in any Airbus cabin.

Comfort is one of four pillars of the “Airspace by Airbus” cabin brand, along with ambience, services and design