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Who's flying the A380?

An A380 takes off or lands every three minutes on average.

A380s have entered the fleets of 13 world-class operators





Each airline benefits from the A380’s passenger attraction in a wide range of route applications – including short- and medium-range operations, in addition to long-haul service.

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Did you know?

Did you know?
  • The A380 is 15 tonnes lighter than it would be if made entirely of metal.
  • The 4400m2 surface of the A380 is covered in three layers of paint weighing around 500kg.
  • During take-off the A380 wing will flex upwards by over 4m.
  • The air in the A380 cabin is changed every two minutes, and the temperature can be selected between 18 and 30 degrees.

  • An A380 takes off or lands every three minutes.