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Reaching Rio for the first time

23 March 2012

As a highly experienced pilot, Peter Chandler has flown to dozens of airports, but on 23 March he flew to Rio for the very first time – and as the pilot of the Airbus A380. 

Peter is an Airbus test pilot and arriving in the cockpit of an A380 makes that first visit all the more special. Speaking about the Rio landing, Peter said: “There are lots of people when the A380 lands. You can always tell which gate we’re going to because there are crowds of people there.” 

With the strong focus in Brazil on the A380 Tour visit, Peter reached celebrity status there, particularly owing to his appearance on national television news as pilot of the A380. After returning from Rio, Peter commented that “Even the driver of the bus on the way to the airport in Sao Paulo said ‘I saw you on television last night’. 

Peter understands people’s love for the A380 more than most as he was heavily involved in all aspects of the cockpit and systems design and development for the A380.