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A unique opportunity to own the sky

As global air traffic doubles every 15 years, the A380 continues to demonstrate its traffic-drawing capabilities – with the worldwide fleet of these flagship jetliners operating at average 85 per cent load factors.

With the A380, the sky is yours. 
40% more passengers. 
More business. 
Higher revenues.

By using an A380’s capacity to introduce up to 150 additional seats per flight on key high-density routes, the jetliner is a proven money-maker for its operators.  As all frequencies are not equal, the extra capacity offered by the A380 on the “strongest” flight of the day, draws more through traffic and captures higher yields. Airlines that successfully deploy the A380 on their high-yield, long-haul flights, timed also to benefit from connecting traffic, can increase their yields by 30 per cent.

The A380 already offers more seats per departure than any other aircraft, with the best cabin product in all classes. It is a key resource for the 11 of the world’s 20 largest airlines, helping reshape their networks, optimise slot value at congested airports and maximise revenue across entire networks. 

The A380 increases network productivity by maximising the efficiency of arrival and departure waves, thereby allowing reduced transfer times, more connections and a fully optimised hub – something that no other aircraft can deliver in helping to own the sky.

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Did you know?

Did you know?
  • The A380 is 15 tonnes lighter than it would be if made entirely of metal.
  • The 4400m2 surface of the A380 is covered in three layers of paint weighing around 500kg.
  • During take-off the A380 wing will flex upwards by over 4m.
  • The air in the A380 cabin is changed every 3 minutes, and the temperature can be selected between 18 and 30 degrees.

  • An A380 takes off or lands every four minutes.