In the making: the first TAM Airlines A350 XWB
16 December 2015

The first A350 XWB for TAM Airlines – delivered 16 December 2015 – takes shape in this video clip. It highlights the delivery of components, assembly, painting and other key production steps, and concludes with the milestone widebody jetliner in flight.

In the making: the first TAM Airlines A350 XWB
16 December 2015

The first A350 XWB for TAM Airlines – delivered 16 December 2015 – takes shape in this video clip. It highlights the delivery of components, assembly, painting and other key production steps, and concludes with the milestone widebody jetliner in flight.


The history of aviation safety: Putting passengers’ safety first
01 December 2015

Significant improvements in safety have been made since the start of commercial aviation, allowing it to become a trusted mode of transportation that connects people and boosts businesses. In this video Airbus recaps the key improvements which have made air travel safer and more reliable since the 1940s. This includes developments such as improvements in aircraft technology, as well as enhancements in flight training, navigation and air traffic control. The aviation industry continues to evolve, but its top priority is the same: getting passengers to their destinations safely.


The right aircraft, right now… and beyond: Airbus’ A330 Family
30 November 2015

This video highlights the benefits of Airbus modern, state-of-the-art A330 Family, which has become a preferred choice for more than 100 airlines around the world. Offering unrivalled low operating costs and versatility, this widebody product line comprises five in-service members – A330-300, A330-200, A330-200F, A330 MRTT and the ACJ330 – and offers two new engine option (NEO) versions (A330-900neo and A330-800neo).


Fly with Airbus’ A330 Family
30 November 2015

With one aircraft product line – the A330 Family – Airbus has created a versatile series of modern, efficient and comfortable jetliners. Offering superior operating economics and flexibility, the A330 Family comprises two commercial passenger versions (The A330-300, and A330,200) along with the A330-200F freighter, the A330 MRTT aerial refueling tanker and the ACJ330 corporate jet. This is being increased with the A330neo (new engine option), which was launched in 2014.


A320neo with Pratt & Whitney engines is certified
24 November 2015

Airbus’ Pratt & Whitney Pure Power PW1100G-JM-equipped A320neo (new engine option) version received dual Type Certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on 24 November 2015. Relive the highlights of the rigorous flight test campaign, which accumulated over 1,070 flight test hours for three A320neo aircraft. The certification programme tested the aircraft’s airframe and systems well beyond design limits to ensure all air worthiness criteria were successfully met.


A350 XWB Demo Tour Africa: Praise from Ethiopian Airlines
13 November 2015

The A350 XWB – which is shaping the future of medium- to long-haul airline operations – made a strong impression on Airbus customers during its demonstration tour in the Middle East and Africa. This video clip includes comments from Ethiopian Airlines CEO Tewolde Gebremariam.


A350 XWB Demo Tour Africa: Ethiopia
13 November 2015

The A350 XWB made history on 11 November 2015 with its first-ever appearance in Africa, landing at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – the final stop on this new-generation jetliner’s high-profile demo tour for airlines in the region. Carrying out the demonstration tour was Airbus’ cabin-equipped MSN002 developmental A350-900 jetliner.


ORACLE TEAM USA and Airbus: Wings and boards
12 November 2015

The wings of an Airbus jetliner and the wing sail of a yacht operate in similar ways. That’s why ORACLE TEAM USA, the America’s Cup defender, is utilising Airbus’ know-how to help achieve optimum performance on water. This video clip includes insight from Ian “Fresh” Burns, Performance Team Manager for ORACLE TEAM USA.


The Dubai Airshow 2015 in review
10 November 2015

Airbus’ high-profile participation at the 2015 Dubai Airshow is featured in video highlights, including the A350 XWB’s daily flight presentation, along with views of the event’s static display line – incorporating the A350, A380 and ACJ319 corporate jet. Also shown is Airbus’ Question and Answer advertising campaign, visible throughout the air show, that underscores the value and profitability of its jetliner families.


Airbus corporate jets: Giving wings to your lifestyle
09 November 2015

The Airbus Corporate Jet Family offers a better way to fly, with the widest and tallest cabins of any business jets. These spacious cabins – and the jets’ excellent performance – provide excellent comfort for passengers in they size they need, explains Airbus Corporate Jet Marketing Director David Velupillai, who is interviewed in this video from the 2015 Dubai Airshow.

A380 Love

A380: Love at first flight
24 June 2011

Airbus is reinforcing the unrivalled passenger appeal of its 21st century flagship A380 with a new advertising campaign – called “Love A380.”

A380: Love at first flight
24 June 2011 0:15

Airbus A380: The quietest widebody aircraft
13 June 2012 1:02

Airbus A380: The most fuel-efficient widebody
13 June 2012 0:57

Airbus A380: Relieving congestion
13 June 2012 1:06

The Airbus A380: New generation, new experience
19 March 2012 4:47

The A380 takes flight
13 April 2011 1:33

The A380: Designed for comfort
15 January 2010 1:19

Painting the A380 "love at first flight"
19 June 2011 2:35

Le Bourget 2011 - The A380 soars high above Le Bourget
24 June 2011 5:24

A380 formation flights through the years
19 June 2011 2:39

A380 and A400M in formation flight
22 June 2011 1:53

China Southern Airlines A380: delivery ceremony highlights
14 October 2011 3:44

Airbus celebrates delivery of the initial Korean Air A380
24 May 2011 3:17

The first Air France A380 departs Hamburg for Paris
09 March 2010 2:16

Lufthansa takes delivery of its first A380
04 June 2010 4:25

A dazzling A380 delivery ceremony for Qantas
04 February 2010 3:50

Airbus delivers first A380 to Emirates
09 March 2010 2:32

First A380 delivery to Singapore Airlines
04 February 2010 5:26

A visit of the A380
23 March 2012 5:39

THAI's First A380 delivery ceremony highlights
27 September 2012 4:47

Inside the A380’s cabin
01 July 2013 3:47

Airbus widebody family flight with the A350 XWB, A380 and A330
20 September 2013 2:37