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A380 love

For such a quiet and smooth aircraft, the buzz has been amazing... Here is what the world says about the A380

We asked the world what it thought of flying the A380. More than 6,000 passengers from 180 countries told us, see what they had to say...

It was really a nice experience. Its speacious as well as comfortable.

by Pradeep from India

The 'plane is so quiet, I was on cloud nine the entire flight!

by Kate from India

its nice

by arun from India

...a dream!

by Paolo from Italy

the best air craft in the world.

by dharsana from Italy

...I saw it in the Airport it is Fanfastic Air plane.

by Samer from Jordan

It isn't a miracle, it's a A380

by Lajos from Netherlands


by Hashim from Pakistan

A380, new, quiet, makes travelling a pleasure

by Tom from United Arab Emirates

just a super excellent airplane

by mick from United Kingdom

...the only way to fly.

by Peter Lumsden from United Kingdom

What a fantastic aircraft.

by ian from Australia

A superb aircraft.

by Alan from Australia

For the first time I was actually able to get a decent sleep while flying half way around the world.

by Paul Simons from Australia

i love airbus a380

by minh from Canada

I fall in love with A380. For sure will arrange my next A380 flight whenever possible.

by HERBERT from Hong Kong SAR of China

I have only seen it in pictures but it looks absolutely GORGEOUS! I hope to travel in one pretty soon :-)

by Vinayak from India

take-off was just unbelievably smooth

by Sridhar from India

Smooth flight, espesially take off.I will choose 380 for my next trip also. GOOD ONE.

by Jobi from India

Felt like a dream ride in the clouds...just adored it !

by Birendra Singh from India