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A380 love

For such a quiet and smooth aircraft, the buzz has been amazing... Here is what the world says about the A380

We asked the world what it thought of flying the A380. More than 6,000 passengers from 180 countries told us, see what they had to say...

It was amazing...I experienced the best feeling of flight!

by Egor from Russia

I just love the A380, having flown it over 10 times...

by Shashank from Singapore

The whole flight was super quiet.

by Tom from United Kingdom

One of the best experiences I have ever had while flying!!!

by Harry from United Kingdom

Just a marvelous aircraft

by Brian from United States


by Scott from United States

Simply say A380 and Leave it to the imagination...l just love it!!!

by Antonis from Afghanistan

...My favourite way to fly between continents!

by Robert from Australia

travel redefined. What a pleasure!

by Mark from Australia


by Bernard from Belgium

You will never forget your first time.

by Daniel from Brazil

I just love it...

by Kim Chau from Canada

I saw it last summer - amazing!

by Nicolai from Denmark


by Théodore from France

That was just GREAT !

by henry from France


by Chris from Germany

A380 is unique... It's adorable. I LOVE A380

by Iosif from Greece

I am eagerly looking forward to the day, when I will get a chance to fly in A380. I simply love it

by Subramanian from Hong Kong SAR of China

I have not flown in A380. Soon I will step in the plane and experience the flight.

by Viswanathan from Hong Kong SAR of China

the feeling of the freedom

by Miklos from Hungary