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A380 love

For such a quiet and smooth aircraft, the buzz has been amazing... Here is what the world says about the A380

We asked the world what it thought of flying the A380. More than 6,000 passengers from 180 countries told us, see what they had to say...

I have not flow a380 but I know it is a great aircraft because it is airbus.

by Michael Wakabi from Uganda

Well, I am yet to experience the A380, but I am so excited about the aircraft right from the time it was launched that I just can't get over it.

by Simon from United Arab Emirates

Great aeroplane - The future.

by Peter from United Kingdom

Best flight ever. The airplane is fantastic. We can't wait until our next flight.

by Ed Marder from United States

So quiet, So graceful, So comfortable.

by Steve from Australia

Love it. I always try and select a schedule to fly on the 380

by Joe Tawfik from Australia

The most beautiful aircraft I ever saw in 50 years of aeronautical passion - there is simply no comparison

by Pierre from Belgium


by Chavdar from Bulgaria

very comfortable

by QUANYI from China

its my dream to have journy by A380

by Mahmudun Nabi from China

I love Airbus A380 is the best aircraft in the world.

by Vivek from Croatia

The greatest airplane I've ever seen. Amazing.

by Thomas from Cyprus

just...an incredible experience!

by Sandro from France

The A380 is truly the best plane I've ever flown on!

by Hans-Juergen from Germany

Spacious ,Great and Fabulous flying experience which I never had erlier .

by Ashok from India

I love A380 and look forward to fly in A380 in the meat future.

by Vilvasigamani R from India

It was a fantastic flight with unforgettable experience.

by norezuan from Malaysia

On the to do list this year..will catch one of the flight before the year end

by Barbara from Malta

i can't stop being amazed with A380.

by Manuel from Portugal

I choose my route and times to ensure I fly on the A380 as much as possible. I have flown on the A380 many times now and more often than not I fly business. You've just got to do it!

by Duncan from United Kingdom