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A380 love

For such a quiet and smooth aircraft, the buzz has been amazing... Here is what the world says about the A380

We asked the world what it thought of flying the A380. More than 6,000 passengers from 180 countries told us, see what they had to say...

Chosing my airline and schedule just to make it onto an A380...what more can you say!

by Marc from Austria

i love this aircraft, and one day i'll fly.

by diogo from Brazil

the kind of flight that leaves only good memories

by Naoto from Japan

I lv it:-)

by Roshan from Sri Lanka

so quiet .... it's a totally new flying experience!

by Aziz from Brunei

...the silence and the smoothness of the A380 flight is the bold statement of flighing culture.

by Hermann from Germany

...a great experience to fly in a380.

by Pradeep from India

It was an absolutely incredible experience!

by Francisco from Italy


by douglas from Ghana

For me love at first flight

by Fabián from Costa Rica

The 380 is so spacious and quiet. If I have the choice between the A380 and another type I would always try to fly on the 380.

by Stefan from New Zealand

It was amazing. It was the quietest aircraft ever!

by Alexi from China

Hope to fly soon

by Aran from France

smoothest flight I ever flew in.

by ShivaPrasad from India

It is a fabulous aircraft

by Vikram from India

Amazing flight! Quiet, spacious, beautiful...

by Edwin from Netherlands

love love love it . so spacious , so silent you dont even feel you are high up in the skies

by Ian from Romania

Just beautifil ....

by Nikolay from Bulgaria

That would be and extraordinary ezperience. Hope to do it soon...

by Andres Pareja from Colombia

best passenger aircfrat ever

by Abhinav from India