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A380 love

For such a quiet and smooth aircraft, the buzz has been amazing... Here is what the world says about the A380

We asked the world what it thought of flying the A380. More than 6,000 passengers from 180 countries told us, see what they had to say...


by Gurudatta from India

The plane is so quiet and smooth/stable compared to any of the other planes I have flown. A really great plane, looking forward to flying many many more A380 flights

by John Lancaster-Lennox from Indonesia

Spacious, comfortable seating, less noise, always choose the A380 flight...

by H T Nanwani from Indonesia

Having first flight with A380 for my honeymoon, it was incredible and unforgettable experience.

by Satria from Indonesia

Fantastic plane - you get a kick out of just being on it!

by john Ryan from Ireland

Spacious and a thrilling experience

by John Cussen from Ireland

I remember my first time on the bike, my first time sitting down behind the steering wheel of our family car...and I will always remember the first time entering the new A380!

by Lukas R from Italy

Quiet and comfortable...

by Alasdair from Italy

Only saw it and ... look forward to have opportinity to discover this GREAT wonder !!! ;)

by Davide Molini from Italy

It was love at first sight, but I have get to try it!

by Alexander Fernando from Kenya

Smoothest take-off I've ever experienced.

by Hosni from Lebanon

It was a treat from start to finish with the comfortable seats and the sense of space within the cabin...Its like coming home to your comfortable bed !!!

by Brian Lariche from Malaysia

Impressive sight & great comfort. This changes air travel.

by Reetesh Motah from Mauritius

It was an wonderful experience

by Nashipili Kondjela from Namibia

It is love at first sight, but I still have to get close to her!

by Nico Van Oudenhoven from Netherlands

Awesome and luxurious traveling experience. Simply love it...

by john jesani from Netherlands

The Travel Experience of the future. I wish more airlines see the benefits and how passengers appreciate the product.

by Dennis Taskasap from Netherlands

It is in a class apart to any other plane.

by Kasim Kachwala from New Zealand

Best plane I've ever flown - by a long way

by Nick from New Zealand

so quiet. The take off was so silent. I wasnt even sure if it was running on the runway with full thrust.

by Asim Khan from New Zealand