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Onboard well-being

Passenger comfort

The A350 XWB’s 220-inch fuselage cross-section provides for the widest seats of any jetliner in its category.

The seating flexibility offered in the A350 XWB’s Economy Class begins with a baseline nine-abreast Comfort Economy Class configuration. This high-comfort configuration offers economy class passengers 18-inch seat width, as on any other Airbus aircraft. Premium Economy is created in an eight-abreast arrangement, while 10-abreast seating is available for Budget Economy configurations. 

Business Class from four- to seven-abreast seating offers exclusive comfort levels and enables even the most innovative full flat seats to be installed. The First Class cabin allows for a full range of accommodations – including the private mini-suites. Large overhead bins meet travellers’ needs for additional carry-on space, allowing all passengers to stow at least one standard roller bag, and two in Business class. The spacious A350 XWB cabin is given a brighter, more airy feel with its large panoramic windows, which are the widest of any jetliner.

Airbus is applying the latest technology in energy-efficient LED (light-emitting diode) mood-lighting on the A350 XWB. This enables the cabin ambience to be tailored to each airline’s own identity, as well as mimicking natural sunrise and sunset illumination that helps the body adapt to jetlag on long-range flights. The Airbus innovations also include accent lighting for overhead stowage bins, windows, cabin dividers and in the ceiling, along with the capability to project special effects onto the ceiling. On the A350 XWB, for the first time, mood-lighting scenarios can run from left to right and from front to aft.

Airbus is continuing its tradition of setting the standards in terms of passengers’ well-being with the A350 XWB.  Pure cabin air ensures comfort and health, thanks to its advanced filtering systems and a complete change of cabin air every two to three minutes; while the lower cabin pressure of 6,000 ft. cabin altitude provides for increased well-being throughout the entire flight.  The environment is enhanced by precise air management providing a draft free environment, homogeneous temperature and multiple temperature zones for precise adjustments.


With its brand new fuselage cross section, the A350 XWB provides passengers with superior comfort in all classes. The combination of cabin spaciousness, wide seats, and innovative moodlighting creates a unique feeling of well-being and ensures that all passengers arrive refreshed and relaxed.Passenger experience is further enhanced by the next generation HD in-flight entertainment, wireless internet and Smartphone connectivity available on the A350 XWB. Welcome on board!

Crew rest areas

The A350 XWB provides functional rest areas for cockpit and cabin crews without reducing passenger seating or revenue generating cargo space. The XWB’s extra wide fuselage allows for optimised rest area options on long-range flights for cockpit and cabin crews, offering facilities that are truly private – and which do not reduce the number of revenue-generating passenger seats or cargo capacity available to airline operators. 

Crew rest zones are situated in the aircraft’s crown above the main cabin level, with their staircase access directly integrated into the A350 XWB’s galleys.

The rest area for flight crews is located immediately aft of the cockpit. Its staircase access can be separated from the passenger cabin by a secure door, which creates a quiet and protected zone including a dedicated floor-level lavatory for pilots. The overhead rest area has two bunk beds, along with a seated work station. For cabin crew, a rest facility in the A350 XWB’s rear fuselage accommodates up to eight bunks. It includes a full-height standing area, providing a comfortable zone that allows crews to prepare and dress more easily. 

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Did you know?

Did you know?
  • More than half of the A350 XWB is made up of carbon-fibre material

  • The A350 XWB’s full-LED lighting systems can project over 16.7 million different colours, plus an infinite number of colour combinations

  • The overall wing area of Airbus’ A350 XWB covers more space than two tennis courts

  • Inspired by birds, the A350 XWB’s wings have been designed to adapt during flight, morphing while airborne and changing their shape to reduce fuel burn

  • The A350 XWB is the first aircraft to “wear sunglasses,” referring to this jetliner’s distinctive cockpit windows 

  • The diameter of the A350 XWB Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engine is equivalent to that of the famed Concorde supersonic airliner’s fuselage