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The optimised baseline

The A350-900 entered commercial service in 2015 with Qatar Airways.

The A350-900 is the cornerstone member of Airbus’ A350 XWB Family, which is well-suited to meet airlines’ market requirements in medium-, long-, and ultra-long-haul operations.  

As the first A350 XWB version to enter airline service, the A350-900 has the same optimised cabin cross-section as the other A350 XWB versions – which ensures maximum comfort for both passengers and crew while guaranteeing operators optimum revenue potential and operating efficiency.  

This jetliner accommodates 325 passengers in a standard three-class configuration, while offering unbeatable economics in high-density seating and true long-haul capability with a range of up to 8,100 nautical miles. 

The A350-900 is one of the first Airbus jetliners to apply the Airspace by Airbus cabin concept, which creates the perfect space for passenger well-being and airline performance. Airspace by Airbus delivers a next-generation flying experience with four key pillars: comfort, service, ambience and design.

Going the “XTRA” distance

As part of its philosophy for continuous innovation, Airbus has launched the Ultra-Long Range version of the A350-900. Designated as the A350-900ULR, the jetliner offers increased fuel-carrying capacity of up to 165,000 litres and a higher 280-tonne maximum takeoff weight to enable service on non-stop flights of up to 19 hours. 

Benefitting from the A350 XWB’s unique flexibility, the extended range capability does not involve installation of additional fuel tanks (just an adaptation of the fuel system within the existing fuel tank), and the A350-900ULR can be reconfigured to the standard long-haul specifications if required by the operator. 

In a separate achievement, the A350-900 was approved for flights with ETOPS (Extended-range Twin engine aircraft Operations) “beyond 180 minutes” diversion time by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Received in May 2016, the authorization means that when the first FAA-affiliated operators start to take delivery of their A350s in 2017, they will be able to serve new direct non-limiting routings.