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Efficiency and flexibility

The A340 brings all of the operational advantages of Airbus’ aircraft commonality to the very-long range and ultra-long range market segments.  Nearly identical cockpits are used in the fly-by-wire A340 and its twin-engine A330 variant, with both aircraft types sharing highly similar flying qualities. 

As a result, both the A330 and A340 can be operated by a common pool of pilots, resulting in more efficient operations and flexible scheduling for airlines, along with increased flying opportunities for pilots.  

Flight crews can transition from the A340 to the A330 in only one day, while a move from the A330 to A340 takes just three days.  This compares to 25 days for a full type rating training course required with competing aircraft, thereby lower training costs for airlines and increasing the productivity of crews.

Mixed fleet flying advantages

A340 Family cockpit
A340 Family cockpit

By taking the commonality concept another step further, pilots can keep their flight currency on more than one Airbus fly-by-wire aircraft type at a time. Known as Mixed Fleet Flying, it enables a pilot rated on an A340 or A330 to effortlessly move from very long-haul operations to the A320 Family for short- and medium-haul flights.  This opens new crew scheduling possibilities and provides a mix of flying opportunities that is welcomed, and highly appreciated, by pilots.   

The A340 also benefits from the industry-leading Airbus cockpit design, which evolves with the latest the latest technology.  A similar cockpit philosophy applied across the Airbus product line, which builds on proven fly-by-wire systems whose digital electronic flight controls improve handling and stability while reducing pilot workload. 



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Did you know?

Did you know ?
  • The A340-600 is the longest-fuselage aircraft in the Airbus jetliner family.
  • Airlines have innovative choices in centre overhead bins for luggage stowage: standard bins for greater volume; articulated bins for a higher ceiling; or no bins at all.
  • The A340-500 has flown some of the world's longest non-stop air routes, such as Singapore to Los Angeles.