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Cabin layout & comfort

widebody cabin

Airbus’ A340-500 has a fuselage that measures 67.9 metres from nose to tail. Its right-sized 222-inch fuselage cross-section gives airlines the cabin flexibility to match market requirements, from premium seating to economy class layouts in seven-, eight- and nine-abreast layouts.  A typical cabin for the A340-500 is designed to comfortably seat  around 300  passengers.

Premium classes

4-abreast – 27in seat cushion

Business class

6-abreast – 22in seat cushion

Economy classes

Premium economy : 7-abreast – 20in seat cushion

Premium economy : 7-abreast – 20in seat cushion 

Standard economy: 8-abreast – 18.1in seat cushion

Standard economy: 8-abreast – 18.1in seat cushion 

High efficiency: 9-abreast – 16.7in seat cushion

High efficiency: 9-abreast – 16.7in seat cushion