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Cabin layout & comfort

Efficient widebody cabin

The A340-200 is the shortest fuselage member of this four-engine widebody family, with an overall length of 59.4 metres. This jetliner has an optimised 222-inch fuselage cross-section and a seating capacity for around 250 passengers in a typical layout. 

With its quiet, comfortable cabin, the A340-200 offers optimum seating choices for business and first classes, while providing the space for a standard eight-abreast seating layout in comfort economy – ensuring that no passenger is more than one seat from the aisle.

First class

4-abreast – 27in seat cushion 

Business class

6-abreast – 22in seat cushion

Economy classes

Premium economy : 7-abreast – 20in seat cushion 

Standard economy: 8-abreast – 18.1in seat cushion

High efficiency: 9-abreast – 16.7in seat cushion