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Accross-the-board capabilities

The twin-engine A330 passenger jetliner is optimised for the highest-possible revenue generation and the lowest operating costs from regional segments to extended range routes – making it an ideal solution for freight operations across any market. The A330’s front and rear cargo holds accept a full range of underfloor cargo containers and pallets – including the most common container in the world, the LD-3.

With volume for 60-100 per cent more freight than the largest competing aircraft on the market, the A330 Family’s unrivalled operating economics mean its aircraft can even operate profitable cargo flights without a single passenger on board, as demonstrated by some airlines that have flown regional overnight freight-only services with the A330 after a full day's passenger service.

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Did you know?

Did you know?
  • A330 Family aircraft are in-service with more than 100 operators around the world, with an average dispatch reliability of over 99 per cent  
  • A330s currently operate to over 400 airports worldwide
  • More than 1.2 billion passengers have flown the A330
  • Every day, the A330 fleet flies the equivalent of 15 times to the moon
  • Every minute, an A330 takes off somewhere in the world

  • An A330 takes-off or lands every 23 seconds of every day