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Cabin layout & comfort

A quiet environment

Optimised for the medium- to extended-range market, the A330-300 provides a high-level of passenger comfort, with one of the quietest aircraft cabins flying today. This twin-engine jetliner has an overall length of 63.6 metres, with the capacity to seat 277 passengers in a typical three-class cabin layout.

As with each member of Airbus’ market-leading widebody product line, passengers will benefit from superior comfort. The A330-300 provides a best-in-class experience in all classes of service – including the Airbus modern comfort standard: 18-inch-wide seats for long-haul economy flights. Also improving the in-flight experience is additional headroom in the A330 cabin so passengers have more space to stow their carry-on bags.

modern efficiency

The A330-300 offers passengers the quietest twin-engine cabin in its class. Airbus’ commitment to continuous improvement has further enhanced the environment with the use of LED (light emitting diode) lighting technology for reading lights, passenger information signs, cabin signs and ambient lighting. In addition to providing better illumination, airlines benefit from the LED lighting’s longer operating lifetimes and lower maintenance costs.  

Other cabin improvements from Airbus range from newly-designed air conditioning outlets and mood lighting to updated interior styling – all of which provide an even brighter, lighter and more spacious environment in all classes of service.

Another benefit for airline operators are designed-in features that permit faster cabin reconfiguration, allowing for rapid adaptation to changing market needs and fleet deployment. This includes cabin “flexibility zones” for both galleys and lavatories with provisions for rapid relocation.

seating configuration

The A330-300 typically seats 277 passengers in a three-class arrangement. 

Premium classes

4-abreast – 27in seat cushion

Business class

6-abreast – 22in seat cushion

Economy classes

Premium economy : 7-abreast – 20in seat cushion

Premium economy : 7-abreast – 20in seat cushion 

Standard economy: 8-abreast – 18.1in seat cushion

Standard economy: 8-abreast – 18.1in seat cushion 

High efficiency: 9-abreast – 16.7in seat cushion

High efficiency: 9-abreast – 16.7in seat cushion