The Dream: 3D Printing an Airplane
02 April 2014

Airbus is actively exploring the many potential applications of 3D technology including on tooling, flying parts, spare parts and more.

The Dream: 3D Printing an Airplane
02 April 2014

Airbus is actively exploring the many potential applications of 3D technology including on tooling, flying parts, spare parts and more.


Concorde MSN1 “goes home” to Aeroscopia
14 March 2014

The Concorde supersonic airliner’s magnificent past and role in civil aviation history will be relived with permanent display of one of the first aircraft built in Toulouse, France – designated MSN1 – at the Airbus-supported Aeroscopia museum site at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport. This video clip highlights MSN1’s ground transfer performed on 14 March 2014.


Inside look: Airbus’ Bremen facility
05 March 2014

This video puts the spotlight on Airbus’ Bremen facility, the company’s second largest site in Germany – which handles activities that include flap production, wing equipping and A400M fuselage assembly/equipping.


Airbus and more efficient air traffic management in Europe
05 March 2014

Europe – with the participation and support of Airbus – is moving toward an air traffic management system that makes the movement of aircraft more reliable, environmentally friendly, cost-efficient and safer. A cornerstone of this effort is the SESAR programme’s I-4D (Initial 4D Trajectory Management) concept, which is highlighted in this video. I-4D’s core characteristic is making sure that aircraft flight trajectories are always synchronised between air and ground, enabling more efficient handling and certainty of flight profiles.


The "making of..." Skymark Airlines' first A330
28 February 2014

This “making of…” video shows the final assembly of Skymark Airlines’ first A330-300, from arrival of the main airframe components to first flight from Toulouse, France. Skymark Airlines becomes the first Japanese carrier to operate Airbus’ market leading, A330 wide-body jetliner.


A350 XWB testing: MSN2 and MSN4 take flight!
27 February 2014

The number of flying A350 XWB test aircraft doubled from two to four on 26 February 2014 with the simultaneous maiden flights of MSN2 and MSN4 - both of which were performed from Toulouse, France. MSN2 is the first developmental aircraft to feature a full passenger cabin, allowing Airbus to begin validating all related systems; while MSN4 will be used for multiple test activities - including low-weight flight envelope certification and external noise measurements among others.


The A350 XWB takes centre stage
25 February 2014

All eyes were on the A350 XWB during its high-profile flight presentation at the 2014 Singapore Airshow. This video clip provides a multi-angle view of the headline-making display, along with a running commentary on the various manoeuvres performed.


A350 XWB: Engine testing in Bolivia and Canada
24 February 2014

The A350 XWB test programme continues with two series of trials highlighted in this video clip. First, developmental aircraft MSN3 undergoes high-altitude testing at the Bolivian airfields of Cochabamba and La Paz – with the goal of demonstrating and validating the full functionality of engines, systems and materials; followed by cold weather evaluations conducted at Iqaluit, Canada, where temperatures reached -28°C.


The A350 XWB says good bye to Singapore
24 February 2014

Flight Test Engineer Patrick du Ché and Chief Test Pilot Peter Chandler reflect on the A350 XWB's headline-making participation at the 2014 Singapore Airshow – during which the jetliner was visited by airline customers, pilots, industry executives, media and others.


Flight test engineers and the A350 XWB
24 February 2014

While the A350 XWB developmental aircraft MSN3 is in Cochabamba, Bolivia, this video clip explores the role of Airbus flight test engineers in supporting the next-generation jetliner's high-altitude testing.

A330 Family

Airbus’ A330 jetliner Family
15 July 2010

Airbus’ A330 is “the right aircraft, right now.” The A330 passenger version, A330-200F freighter and A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport are illustrated in this video clip.

Airbus’ A330 jetliner Family
15 July 2010 1:00

1,000 together: Airbus’ milestone A330
19 July 2013 1:47

The A330-200: from start to finish
12 December 2011 2:50

A330: The right aircraft, right now
18 July 2013 2:02

Loading of the A330-200F
15 July 2010 1:00

The A330: The perfect platform for a modern tanker
19 February 2010 3:39

1,000th A330/A340 Family delivery milestone
04 February 2010 1:37

The A330-200F, from assembly to delivery
20 July 2010 2:45

A330-200F operations: sharing customers' experience
03 August 2011 7:08

Final assembly of the A330-200F freighter
12 December 2011 2:05

Airbus widebody family flight with the A350 XWB, A380 and A330
20 September 2013 2:37