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Cabin layout & comfort

Best in class

An optimum, flexible passenger cabin combined with interior updates provided by Airbus make the A330-200 a jetliner of choice for an increasing number of customers worldwide.  This shortest-fuselage version of Airbus’ A330 Family has an overall length of 59 metres and carries 247 passengers in a three-class configuration.

With its designed-in maximum flexibility, the A330-200 allows operators to meet changing market trends, providing full comfort in cabin layouts that range from ultra-high comfort four-abreast first class and six-abreast business class to an economy class cabin with eight abreast that places no passenger more than one seat from an aisle, or an efficient higher-density nine-abreast arrangement. 

built-in flexibility

Cabin “flexibility zones” for both galleys and lavatories enable rapid reconfiguration that aboard the A330-200, allowing airlines to adapt to changing market needs and fleet deployment.  Galleys can be ideally situated for dedicated service in each cabin, while toilets are able to be located within large areas of the floor plan.

Among the cabin improvements introduced by Airbus are redesigned air conditioning outlets, enhanced interior styling along with lateral and mood lighting – all of which provide an environment that is even brighter, lighter and more spacious.

seating configuration

The A330-200 jetliner’s typical two-class configuration seats 246 passengers.

First class

4-abreast – 27in seat cushion

Business class

Business class

6-abreast – 22in seat cushion

Economy classes

Premium economy : 7-abreast – 20in seat cushion

Premium economy : 7-abreast – 20in seat cushion 

Standard economy: 8-abreast – 18.1in seat cushion

Standard economy: 8-abreast – 18.1in seat cushion 

High efficiency: 9-abreast – 16.7in seat cushion

High efficiency: 9-abreast – 16.7in seat cushion