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Enhanced capabilities

The A320 Family provides a unique and profitable range of freight choices for operators.
The A320 Family provides a unique and profitable range of freight choices for operators.

Advantages of the A320 Family’s wide fuselage extend below the passenger cabin into the underfloor cargo holds – which are wider and deeper than any other single-aisle aircraft. 

Access to the underfloor holds is by large doors that open outward to avoid reducing available volume inside the hold. These doors give protection during operations in bad weather, helping to reduce damage to baggage and freight.  Inside the cargo holds, baggage handlers appreciate the greater working height and a wider area of flat floor. This increases efficiency and reduces the risk of employee injury.

Ease of loading and unloading freight is facilitated by installing any of four available freight loading systems, which cover the full spectrum of airline needs and offer a range of choices for airlines operating the A319, A320 and A321.

Bulk loading

The A320 Family offers a mechanised bulk loading system called the sliding carpet. Full provisions can be provided for use of the Sliding Carpet System (manufactured and supplied by Telair International), which can be installed in both the forward and aft holds – enabling  baggage and freight to be loaded by one person inside the

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Did you know?

A320 Assembly Line in Tianjin, China
A320 Assembly Line in Tianjin, China
  • A320 Family aircraft are assembled in France, Germany and China.

  • The A320 Final Assembly Line in Toulouse once was the Concorde Assembly Hall.

  • Consisting primarily of aluminium alloy, the A320 is also built with high technology materials such as carbon composites, Kevlar and fiberglass.

  • A320 Family aircraft fly to some of the world's most challenging airports including Himalayan airfields in China, India and Bhutan.

  • 80 per cent of A320 Family operators fly at least two members of the Family.

  • An A320 Family aircraft takes off or lands every 2.5 seconds of every day.