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sustained performance

Airbus jetliners whose production cycles have ended still continue in highly reliable service around the globe, underscoring the lasting appeal and performance of the company’s product line. These are Airbus’ cornerstone widebody A300 and A310. 

Offering unmatched flexibility on short-, medium- and extended-range routes, the A300 and A310 were the first Airbus aircraft to be produced – and these highly popular twin-engine widebody jetliners continue to provide their advantages in versatility, economy and reliability for more than 60 operators worldwide.

Proven comfort and versatility

These pioneering Airbus aircraft established the modern standard of widebody comfort throughout the company’s entire product line. From the start, these jetliners were designed to accommodate at least 18-inch wide seats economy class, a commonality shared with all Airbus aircraft since. 

The A300 offers the space for a flexible seating layout to meet a full range of market demands for its A300-600 passenger variant, as well as low operating costs for its A300-600F freighter version. In addition, the A310’s 222-inch fuselage is the widest in its category, providing true widebody passenger accommodations, which operators can customise for travellers requirements.