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The lowest cost tactical airlifter

The lowest cost tactical airlifter

The CN235 has earned its reputation for mission versatility, minimal support requirements and reliable operation in a full range of environments and at low operating costs. 

More than 280 of these aircraft have been sold worldwide as of August 2013, performing in some of the most demanding conditions. 

The CN235’s large cabin accommodates up to 36 paratroopers, or can be configured for maritime patrol and surveillance operations with mission consoles, bubble observation windows and a rest area. For medical evacuation missions, the aircraft accommodates up to 18 stretchers, with four attendants. 

Its rear ramp can be opened in flight for the airdrop of equipment, and also facilitates the easy loading of mission pallets, along with bulky cargo, standard 88 x 108-inch pallets, light vehicles and aircraft engines. For aerial cargo delivery missions, up to 6,000 kg. can be delivered in a single pass. 

The CN235 has excellent handling qualities and manoeuvrability, with fast engine response from its two General Electric CT7-9C turboprop powerplants.