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The leader in its class

The leader in its class

With more than 470 aircraft sold worldwide, the C212 is unrivalled in the light tactical transport category for military, governmental and civil operations. 

A robust airframe and high-wing design has allowed the C212 to evolve during its 30 years of service to meet the most demanding scenarios – including special forces deployment and special mission airlift duties in Afghanistan and other regions. 

The C212 can stage from areas lacking in infrastructure and from unpaved runways, with capabilities that include high manoeuvrability at low speeds, STOL (short takeoff and landing) performance, and a rugged landing gear. 

Upgraded avionics have modernised the cockpit, including the introduction of four EFIS (electronic flight instrument system) displays, offering improved reliability and maintainability. 

The C212’s ample and unobstructed cargo cabin with high floor strength can quickly be adapted for a variety of roles, including maritime patrol, cargo transport and medical evacuation. The aircraft’s rear ramp door allows for rapid loading/unloading of a mission pallet, and it can be opened in flight for paratroop dropping or aerial delivery of cargo and supplies. 

Powered by two Allied Signal TPE331 turboprop engines, the C212 has a maximum takeoff weight of 8,100 kg. and carries a maximum payload of up to 2,800 kg. – depending on the configuration. 

Even with its compact size, the C212 can be equipped with the Airbus Defence and Space-developed Fully Integrated Tactical System (FITS), which serves as the basic core of an airborne mission/weapon system for maritime surveillance, anti-submarine warfare, homeland security and other applications.