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Technology & commonality

the new generation freighter

The A330-200F cargo jetliner utilises a wide range of innovations that make it the most economical and ecological freighter in service today. One of the aircraft’s most important features is its large main-deck cargo door, which allows the A330-200F to accept all commonly-used pallets and containers – enabling the transportation of high-value consumer goods, higher-density general cargo, express packages and parcels, as well as perishables.

Its 141 X 101-inch main-deck door is electrically-controlled and hydraulically-operated, and is derived from the proven cargo door on A300/A310 freighters. Additional features include the latest in eco-efficient engine technologies for enhanced environmental performance, as well as its “glass cockpit” and advanced navigation systems for improved flight operations.

sustained production

The A330-200F is based on Airbus' popular A330-200 passenger jetliner, and is produced on the same Toulouse, France final assembly line as other A330 and A340 Family aircraft.  This ensures a sustained output, providing production line slots to meet market demand.

In addition to offering better payload, range and economics than previous-generation freighters in its class, the A330-200F also provides the full benefits of operational commonality with Airbus’ complete fly-by-wire family of single-aisle and widebody jetliners.