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Service Centre Network

The Service Centre Network provides dedicated support to ACJ customers around the world, and includes the provision of turnkey services, enabling customers to benefit from Airbus quality and standards – as well as peace of mind. It complements Airbus’ leadership in turnkey cabin-outfitting of large business jets, where it is uniquely well qualified with some 70 completions to its credit. 

“Airbus corporate jet customers and operators already benefit from a worldwide support network sized for more than 500 customers and operators around the world,” said Benoit Defforge, Managing Director, Airbus Corporate Jets. “The ACJ Service Centre network complements this by adding services tailored to corporate-jet operator needs.” 

The expanded network comprises companies that are owned or controlled by Airbus, as well as independent ones that it has approved. Capabilities include line and heavy maintenance, cabin-refurbishing, and cabin and system upgrades. 

The ACJ Service Centre network now comprises the Airbus Corporate Jet Centre (ACJC) in Toulouse, Comlux America in Indianapolis, HAECO Private Jet Solutions in Xiamen, Jet Aviation in Basel, Sepang Aircraft Engineering (SAE) in Kuala Lumpur and ST Aerospace in Singapore.

The right expertise at the right place

Airbus covers all your needs during the overall aircraft life cycle – from maintenance and upgrades, to cabin refurbishment and aircraft transfer.

Regional coverage

  • Up to three centres per continent
  • Via Airbus-owned or Authorized Service Centres

ACJ dedicated experience

  • Cabin upgrade and refurbishment
  • Personnel skilled in VIP cabins
    - Minimum 5 years of experience in ACJ Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul activities
    - Airbus support, including C4You team
    - Hangar facilities that accommodate single-aisle and widebody aircraft


  • Airbus regularly audits processes and documentation
  • International quality and environmental standards

Contact: C4you@airbus.com

Contact us

Email: corporate.jet@airbus.com


Tel: +33 5 67 19 03 96 

or   +33 5 62 11 04 17


Did you know?

More than 170 Airbus corporate jets have been sold and are flying on every continent, including Antarctica.