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Support & services

Airbus’ network of spares centres supports customers around the world.
Airbus’ network of spares centres supports customers around the world.

Airbus is dedicated to helping all of its customers get the best out its aircraft, and works around the clock around the world to help them to fly reliably and efficiently.

Its corporate jet customers benefit from the worldwide network of technical advice, training and spare parts that Airbus provides its airline customers, which is geared to meet the demanding needs of more than 500 customers and operators.

This network includes dedicated spares and training centres in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

Airbus recognizes that corporate jet customers have specific needs, and thus also provides tailored services to them, including dedicated customer support directors and an ACJ Exclusive call centre.

Airbus corporate jets are the only business jets flying on every continent, including Antarctica.

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Digital products and services… Airbus is transitioning its technical data products from paper and film media to more efficient and cost-effective digital forms. The digital products include ADOC, a software suite which allows the efficient handling of aircraft documentation, from the automatic production of customised job cards to the creation of a fully-integrated maintenance information system.