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Comfort & space

A better way to fly

Airbus corporate jets provide unmatched comfort and privacy for passengers.
Airbus corporate jets provide unmatched comfort and privacy for passengers.

Airbus corporate jets offer the comfort that passengers want in the size they need – delivering more space and freedom of movement than any other existing or planned business jet. 

Airbus’ A320 Family-derived corporate jets have cabins that are almost twice as wide as traditional business jets, yet have a wingspan and length similar to traditional business jets – providing more benefits for passengers where it counts: in the cabin. 

Their wide and tall cabins make it possible to accommodate features such as a circular table that seats six, right-sized bedrooms with proper corridors alongside them, and spacious bathrooms with showers – allowing customers to fly with the comfort and space they enjoy in their home or office. 

With the range to fly non-stop intercontinentally, as well as within continents, these aircraft deliver unequalled comfort, space and freedom of movement on every trip. 

The ACJ318, ACJ319, ACJ320 and ACJ321 also are unique in offering domed ceilings, which give an even greater feeling of space and elegance, along with increased cabin height. In addition, the ACJ319 Elegance complements Airbus’ popular fully-customizable ACJ319, with a simplified modular cabin that offers simplicity, speed and savings, while still delivering the company’s unmatched comfort, space and style. 

Airbus has also launched two new versions – the ACJ319neo (new engine option) and ACJ320neo. The ACJneo Family capitalises on the latest engine choices offered for the modern A320 Family, as well as other improvements in cabin comfort and fuel capacity to offer customers more comfort, range and efficiency.  

ACJneo corporate jets will provide enhanced comfort for passengers, featuring a lower cabin altitude – equivalent to an average of less than 6,400 ft. – which creates an atmosphere closer to what is experienced on the ground. The enhanced ACJneo Family also offers up to five additional centre tanks in the cargo hold for the ACJ319neo and up to four additional centre tanks for the ACJ320neo. This extra fuel capacity literally goes a long way – allowing for increased range for corporate jet passengers, while still accommodating baggage underfloor.

The ACJneo Family cabins also have a fresh new design with Airbus Corporate Jets’ Melody concept. This corporate jet interior is inspired by the smooth curves of nature, and also has an emphasis on creating a high-quality sound environment, to provide an even better passenger experience for customers.

ACJ cabin cross-section comparison
ACJ cabin cross-section comparison

Space that goes a long way

For passengers that want even more comfort, capacity and capability, Airbus offers VIP versions of its widebody aircraft. The Airbus ACJ330, ACJ340, ACJ350 XWB and ACJ380 are the largest and most modern corporate jets that money can buy. 

Airbus’ VIP widebodies offer ‘nonstop to the world’ range, providing the capacity to house more of the lounges, offices, bedrooms and bathrooms found in smaller aircraft. 

Continuing its reputation for incorporating innovation in the Airbus corporate jet family, the company launched its Summit VIP cabin concept for the ACJ330 in 2014. This interior layout features a bedroom with ensuite bathroom at the front, followed by working areas and a conference and dining room, then airline-style first-class and economy seating at the rear. 

Another example is the ACJ350 XWB – the world’s most modern VIP widebody corporate jet. This ultra-long range jet offers Xtra comfort, Xtra innovative technology and Xtra efficiency. In addition, its Xtra spacious cabin – which provides 270 square metres of floor space – is outfitted with Easyfit provisions, ensuring smooth completion for customers. 

So whether the need is to carry an extended family or a large government delegation, Airbus VIP widebodies are well suited to the task, offering unmatched space for whatever home and office comfort customers want to take into the air.