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Passenger at heart, airline in mind

Passenger comfort always has been a major design consideration at Airbus in order to ensure the best possible passenger experience across its families of aircraft.
Passenger comfort always has been a major design consideration at Airbus in order to ensure the best possible passenger experience across its families of aircraft.

Airbus cabins are designed to offer passengers and airlines the highest levels of comfort, services and efficiency. Comfort always has been a major design consideration to ensure the best possible passenger experience across all families of Airbus families.


Airbus is committed to passenger well-being, which is why it offers an entire product line of aircraft designed to set the modern standard for comfort in the evolving aviation industry.

Not only are these cabins innovative and attractive, they also are being continuously improved to provide the quietest, most comfortable and enjoyable flights for both passengers and crews.

As passenger requirements have changed, all Airbus aircraft – from the single-aisle A320 Family, to the widebody A330 family and A350 XWB, and the 21st century flagship A380 jetliner – are designed for today’s comfort standards, benefiting travellers and the airlines that carry them.  

Seat width is one of the most important – yet often overlooked – factors for passenger comfort, increasingly becoming a fundamental deciding factor driving passenger choice and business success. As a result, Airbus offers at least a standard 18-inch wide seat in economy class for all of its jetliners, which provides extra room compared to the 17-inch industry norm set in the 1960s and still used by other aircraft manufacturers.  

This additional room for lateral movement and personal space positions airlines to meet the requirements of more and more demanding passengers, as people are generally growing taller and wider.

Airbus offers a modern level of comfort with the A320 Family cabin, which increases the overall feeling of space and light, with a noticeably quieter environment.  Taking full advantage of the A320's wide fuselage, this enhanced interior offers passengers 15 per cent more useable overhead stowage volume, an 18-inch seat for improved comfort and additional shoulder clearance on regional and short-haul flights, and a 25-inch aisle for faster boarding and deplaning – allowing turnaround times of 20 minutes or less.

The company also is committed to the 18-inch standard seat in economy for its widebody aircraft. As long-haul flights become more frequent and cover greater distances, the A330 family and the A350 XWB offer an 18-inch standard seat in economy to ensure the comfort of passengers travelling in all classes of service, while the A380 jetliner is designed for a standard 18.5-inch seat in economy class.

The greater floor space of the A380 (50 per cent more than the Boeing 747-400) enables airlines to offer passengers in every class a new unmatched comfort standard. The unique double-deck arrangement provides extra capacity at the same time as improving the passenger experience. The A380 cabin architecture with its wide front stairs allows efficient boarding and deplaning with shorter turnarounds, along with economy class seats. The efficient A380 has become the flagship for its operators, carrying more passengers in the best cabin in the sky.

Thanks to its extra wide cross-section, the A350 XWB also will offer passengers the highest comfort standards and allows the airline to introduce innovative cabin concepts in all classes. The A350 XWB will feature wider seats, wider aisles and with straighter sidewalls, will offer more head and shoulder clearance.

With its aircraft designed for wide seats and innovative cabin concepts, Airbus entire product line is tailored for operators to meet the requirements of today’s discerning passengers. Demand this standard for personal space and fly in the Airbus comfort zone.