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Airspace by Airbus

A new chapter was launched in the Airbus flying experience with Airspace by Airbus, which maximises passenger well-being and airline operations.

The superior cabin experience of Airbus jetliners – represented by its Airspace by Airbus philosophy – offers the perfect blend of features and services, along with best of the company’s cabin innovation and design. Airspace by Airbus is built on four key attributes: 

Comfort: Airbus’ consumer-oriented cabin design is the foundation for a relaxing flight as more personal space and enjoyment of time on-board are passengers’ top priorities. Airbus cabins provide the perfect environment for airlines to efficiently deliver this experience. Airbus’ class-leading comfort ensures you always arrive relaxed and refreshed.

Ambience: Airbus jetliners enable an even greater sense of space in the quietest, most welcoming cabins. Going beyond functional, this is how a good passenger experience is turned into one that passengers cannot wait to repeat. Just imagine where the superior ambiance of the Airspace by Airbus cabin can take you.

Services: Innovation is added to Airbus’ comfort and design fundamentals – benefitting both passengers and airlines. This has been a key to the success of the company and its airline customers. Airbus never stops searching for new ways to provide a better passenger experience, and improve airline efficiency. Enjoy cabin services where work and play in the air can be easier than on the ground.

Design: Airspace by Airbus offers a sophisticated, flexible canvas, onto which airlines can project their own brands. Because design matters, Airbus provides a timeless foundation that is contemporary and memorable. Experience a seamless blend of appearance and functionality with Airbus’ cabin design.

Comfort without compromise

There are more passengers, flying further for longer distances. In the last five years alone the number of flights over 6000 nautical miles (13+ hours flight time) has increased by 70% from 24 to 41 daily flights.

In keeping with its commitment to passenger comfort, Airbus provides comfort without compromise. Its entire market-leading commercial aircraft product line is designed for today’s standard of passenger comfort: at least an 18-inch wide seat in full-service economy class, while still offering airlines unrivalled operating economics and fuel efficiency. 

Seat width is one of the most important – yet often overlooked – factors for passenger comfort. With an extra inch, compared to the 17-inch industry norm set in the 1950s that is still used by other aircraft manufacturers, Airbus jetliners offers travelers more personal space and room for lateral movement.  

Airbus aircraft deliver this level of comfort without compromising operating economics. Research shows an extra inch of seat width is equivalent to an extra two inches of pitch, in terms of passenger comfort. This allows airlines to provide superior comfort with 18-inch seats, and add another row in economy class – increasing revenues and improving fuel costs per seat. 

The company’s entire product line is designed for modern comfort standards, ranging from the single-aisle A320 Family to the widebody A330 and A350 XWB families and the 21st century flagship A380 jetliner. The additional space throughout Airbus’ widebody fleet meets passengers’ demanding requirements for the future of comfortable full-service long-haul flights, which are covering greater distances and becoming more frequent, as people are generally growing taller and wider. 

It’s not you, it’s the seat. Demand the Airbus standard for personal space.

Unrivalled passenger experience

Airbus cabins are designed to offer airlines and their passengers the highest levels of comfort, services and efficiency. Passenger comfort has always been a major design consideration at Airbus in order to ensure the best possible passenger experience across all its aircraft families. Airbus cabin designs are not only innovative and attractive, but are also being continuously improved to keep offering travellers the quietest, most comfortable and enjoyable journeys.

Passenger comfort has always been an important differentiator for the airline industry - especially on long range routes. In the future it will become a fundamental deciding factor driving passenger choice and business success. This is why Airbus has always championed passenger comfort with wider cross-sections for wider seats - especially in economy. 18'' seats have always been the Airbus standard. It is now time to make it the industry standard and to admit to passengers that it is not them...it is their seat.